What I listened to:

  1. Taylor Swift
  2. Mitski
  3. The Breeders “All Nerve”
  4. Vance Joy “Nation of Two”
  5. Madonna “Rebel Heart”
  6. Run the Jewels
  7. Hurry for the Riff Raff
  8. FischerSpooner “Sir”
  9. Kelsey Karter
  10. MGMT “Little Dark Age”
  11. Power Trip
  12. Jeff Rosenstock “post”
  13. Waxahatchee “Farewell Transmission”
  14. Meredith Monk

What I Saw:

  1. Whitney Museum: Zoe Leonard: “Survey”  Grant Wood: “American Gothic and Other Fables” (seriously- American Gothic!!!) Nick Mauss: “Transmissions”
  2. “Children of a Lesser God” Broadway


Funny Story: My daughter and I were discussing Pride and Prejudice the other day (seriously, you have no idea how long I waited to have that discussion) Of course, being a teenager and a chip off the old block, she said to me “I don’t know why you like Lizzie so much.  She’s really displeasing.”  I must admit, though she may not like Lizzie and therefore must find someone else to pay for her education, I was pretty thrilled about her using the word displeasing.  I think she got something out of the novel…


14 thoughts on “Week In Review

  1. Love your P and P conversation with your daughter!
    When she was a freshman or maybe sophomore in high school, my youngest stood next to me in the mirror and said, “No. I don’t like this shirt. It fits me ill.” That was our similar moment! Sharing a love of reading with my girls and the ability to discuss and disagree what we read is truly one of my most treasured experiences!

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