1. 300 POSTS!!  YAY!
  2. All of my blog friends!
  3. That it only took my Mother 2 minutes to shut her ringing phone in the theater
  4. My daughter reading Pride and Prejudice
  5. freshly sharpened pencils
  6. trail mix
  7. I realized quickly that I hit “publish” instead of “schedule” when I worked on this post early in the week
  8. my tea kettle- which suffered the loss of its handle this week.  For a 15$ pot, you served me well.  I’ll miss you dear friend
  9. my dishwasher, which also died this week, but it was a great ride…
  10. Librarians
  11. Libraries
  12. my cat voluntarily coming out from under the couch
  13. warm weather (before the impending snow…)
  14. Mama Maria’s for putting a plastic bag in the package so you can properly store the second pie crust if you don’t use it
  15. PBS finally being on demand (yay- cause I forgot to DVR record the midwife)
  16. burn ointment for the two burn I got while cooking this week (ok- this is a lemonaid out of lemons cause I was not feeling very grateful about this at all)

27 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday

  1. Congratulations on your 300th post!!!!! How exciting!! 🙂 I hope your daughter enjoys Pride & Prejudice, it’s one of my favorites! Sounds like you know how to find good tea pots so here’s to finding another great one! Oh!! And Happy Saturday ~Kelsey

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  2. This made me smile! Congrats on your 300th post! It’s amazing how fast they add up.
    Yay on reading the Classics!
    PBS on demand! Is it really? This really caught my eye for my husband was truly just saying this morning how he wishes it would be on Demand. He wanted to watch a Concert tonight but didn’t want to stay up so late to watch it.
    You may have made his day! LOL!

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