A few weeks ago my very wise blog friend Kim wrote a post about what music she listened to that week.  I remarked that I loved hearing what songs/music/performers motivate people, that it’s such a view into one’s soul. And we wondered if music was a better indicator of what’s truly inside a person, as opposed to books or movies or other leisure time pursuits.

So I began thinking.

Can you tell who a person is by looking at their playlist?

I thought about myself first.  Selfish, I know.  My music taste is literally all over the place- I listen to almost every type of music- my exceptions being misogynistic rap and heavy death metal (I don’t even call that stuff music, she says with a touch of disdain in her voice)

So…what does my varied taste in music signify about me?

  1. multiple personality?
  2. indecisiveness?
  3.  reinvention?
  4. open minded?
  5. just a lover of things with a beat?
  6. experimenter?
  7. curious?

Feel free to pick one or two and comment what you think.  This is the multiple choice portion of our morning.

Let’s drill down more into how I listen to music.  I don’t like quiet (for reference see yesterday’s blog about the environments we choose to live in) I seem to always have music or TV on in the background when I’m home, even if I’m not actively listening or watching.  Background noise comforts me: it puts my body in a certain rhythm.  When I walk around town, or use mass transit, you will see the little white buds in my ears.   I’m always listening to something musical. Music helps me think.  Music helps me relax.  Music quiets my brain, and allows me to come up with blog ideas. (I know- some of you are now thinking-stop the music- your blogs are driving us crazy) but, bottom line, I always have music on.  FYI- never podcasts or audio books.  The words distract from my thoughts and it feels like information overload.

Does this make any of the choices clearer? Feel free to short answer at this point…

What about my go to’s?  There are certain songs/performers that I never turn off if they come up on shuffle, or on the radio.

  1. U2 (any song)
  2. “Freebird” Lynyrd Skynyrd
  3. Goo Goo Dolls (any song)
  4. “Stairway to Heaven” Led Zeppelin
  5. “Make you feel my love” any version
  6. Journey (mainly Steve Perry stuff, but I’m flexible)
  7. “Patience” GNR

What do these songs/artists tell you about me? This is another short answer because I have absolutely no idea what this compilation actually means.  I can’t even begin to give you multiple choice.

So, for the essay (can you tell my daughter has been actively studying for the SAT and AP and regents exams?) please write about what my musical tastes (or lack there of) say about me.  Specific examples will be given more weight when it comes to grading.  Remember, this essay will be 35% of your grade.




45 thoughts on “What Are You Listening To?

  1. I’m all over the place with my tastes in music. Metallica. Mercan Dede. Chevelle. Azam Ali. Deftones. Dead Can Dance. Breaking Benjamin. Heather Nova. Anything Maynard Keenan has ever done (Tool, A Perfect Circle).
    Adele. Marilyn Manson. Tab Benoit. Avenged Sevenfold. Imagine Dragons. GooGoo Dolls. Anything David Draimon had ever done. Joe Bonamassa. A Shreveport band called The America Tragedy. Serious multiple personalities in my head LOL

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  2. I’m all over the place with my musical tastes, too. This week, I’ve been listening to Bjork, Florence + the Machine, and Massive Attack, but I haven’t been listening to as much music as usual, thanks to a new podcast and audiobook. 🙂

    I couldn’t tell you what your musical choices say about you, given that I don’t listen to the artists you mentioned. A college roommate drove me nuts with her U2 obsession, and I haven’t listen to them since…

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  3. Wow, this post really has made me reflect on all the musical genres that have touched my life: jazz and 1940’s standards on the huge old console stereo as a child right up to the music my granddaughters want to dance to now–who is this Sia person anyway? I will always choose the music from my teen years though as my go to so anything from the 1970’s is always on top of my playlist.

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  4. I use music to drown out streaming NY radio from the next room.

    It’s always interesting to see what others listen to. If I were studying or writing, I would not listen to anything with words. I find words terribly distracting, even if they are in a language I don’t know.

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  5. I’m another one with musical tastes all over the board. In my playlist right now:

    The score from Iron Man
    Peter Gabriel
    The Who
    This really weird Yoga disc from the 90’s
    The Black Moods
    The Clash
    Duran Duran
    DePeche Mode

    I’m another one who need something ‘noise’ in the background. I’ll often put on the TV to stream something I’ve watched before, and then totally ignore the tube to do domestic or creative stuff. But I gotta have that noise.

    Guess that’s a reason why I love to live in the center of downtown…always something noise going on outside, even if it’s the barhoppers giggling with each other.

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  6. Definitely open minded and lover of things with a beat. I LOVE my iTunes because I can put it on shuffle and get treated to a whole eclectic mix from Dean Martin to Bruno Mars and Willie Nelson to ACDC. I love Journey (Steve Perry only) and Stevie Nicks is my muse. Great share today!

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  7. For me it would be curious. I enjoy music which tells a relatable story or life experience, like falling in love, losing a loved one or even feeling out of place in our own space at times. It could even be in the abstract but still relatable. Death and love always seem to be interesting and commonly found topics because they have so much mystery tied to them. Much like buying a Stairway To Heaven.

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    1. 😉 one of my friends was totally mocking my allegiance to stairway. I admit I do like lyrics…I can get swept up in a song that seems to tell a piece of my life…hence the loves songs I like…

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  8. At first glance, your choices of songs seems to indicate a desire to get away and escape (Think Journey, Stairways, and Freebird) – just surprised Traveling Wilburys isn’t on the list!

    My tastes are so incredibly varied and probably indicate a split personality (my sisters believe I was born in the wrong time or am showing signs of being reincarnated) but mostly are songs or artists that create an emotional response. I love Bing Crosby, Glen Campbell, Beatles, Badfinger, Gordon Lightfoot, the Pretenders, Bob Marley, Simon & Garfunkle, Carpenters, Three Dog Night, Peter Frampton, 40s swing music, old French madrigals, Martin Stephenson & the Daintees, Crosby Stills & Nash, and even some early 70s funk. Extremely little from the 21st century. Wow I am all over the place. Maybe the theory about being reincarnated is true….

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    1. 😀I love people with varied taste in music….I’d say stairway, free bird and journey is more coming of age in the late 70s early 80s…😉


  9. I am a 70’s music person and perhaps that is an indication of stubbornness, I only listen in the car.

    Your music tastes show me a desire for escape from your daily life, albeit just in your mind for a short time. You are a romantic and would like someone to plan a holiday for you where you just show up. You are a salty not sweets person and you need laughter like some people want alcohol. A girl holiday with 3 friends is the perfect way for you to recharge.

    How did i do?

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    1. Salty for sure. I have 3 best girlfriends, so winner there. Not so romantic…sort of a cynical romantic if that can exist…not so much escaping as daydreamer…..
      But pretty good!! I’m going to send you my fave movies and books for more analysis😉

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  10. I was listening to Amy Winehouse last night. Her soulful sound always inspires me. She was so beautiful and it is so sad her addiction and how she couldn’t beat it. While I was overseas in 2011, I was present for her last concert in Dubai. She was booed off the stage because she was incoherent but her fans loved her. I am very eclectic like you: I can listen to classical and then enjoy Def Leppard with my husband. I like Sinatra; the blues; disco; and even some weird music from Korea. I hate metal rock.

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  11. I’m pretty sure there’s a statute on the books in most states that one is required to shout “play Freebird, man!” all concerts even if it’s Carole King or (heaven forbid) Yanni. Your list is mightily impressive, though the snob in me notices that you have no prog rock listed (i.e. Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis). But we can and will totally overlook that. Goo Goo Dolls sang “Let Love In” and “Iris,” and my God, those are great songs. So hold you head up high… I mean, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page? They’re gods! – Marty

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    1. Let love in and iris get me every single time I hear them…..I dream about hearing…” what song is it you want to hear….freebird…..” one of greatest live albums ever….and you know I’m adding yes, Floyd and genesis to a near future playlist….😉

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  12. I’m afraid to say I don’t know who any of those performers are that you mentioned … although I have heard U2 mentioned before … but I’d be clueless what he/she/they sound like.

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  13. my taste in music is all jumbled up. i like a lot of different types, different instruments, different themes, different pace. i even like some that is just music, saxophone, harmonica, and the artists don’t need to be famous. you’d have more luck guessing my personality by the books i read. i’m pickier there.

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