Hmmm.  College tours.  Too much in too little time!

Here’s what we visited:

  1. Tidal Basin- Cherry Blossoms.
  2. MLK Memorial
  3. Korean Veterans Memorial
  4. Vietnam Veterans Memorial
  5. Lincoln Memorial
  6. Capital (drive by- visitor center but no tour)
  7. White House (drive by)
  8. Smithsonian American History
  9. Smithsonian Air and Space
  10. National Gallery West
  11. Smithsonian American Art Museum
  12. National Portrait Gallery
  13. International Spy Museum
  14. Chinatown Friendship Arch
  15. Supreme Court (outside)
  16. Library of Congress
  17. Georgetown University
  18. American University
  19. George Washington University
  20. Newseum
  21. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts- “Shear Madness” at the Lab

What I Listened to:

Tune Yards


Back in NYC- What I went to:

Escape Room NYC- the detective room




41 thoughts on “My Week in Review

    1. I’d done it a few years ago, back when it first became a thing. Ours had a zombie in the room, which wasn’t as fun. We did nyc escape on Leonard st last night….so much fun!! We didn’t escape but came very close! Going to do it again. They have a serial killer room which I must try!

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    1. I admit we do the highlights tour. We research beforehand what things we really want to see. This usually works out well except my daughter really wanted to see an Alice Paul portrait at the portrait gallery but it was t on display

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      1. Right? I love the way they display them as well. I felt like it was right amount of spacing, and they were smart to put certain works where you could really step away from them to appreciate

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      1. That means you got a lot of great exercise in. 😉
        Guess what? Did you know you can go online ahead of your visit and apply for a library card? That’s what I did and got mine, good for two years, when I went there. It allowed me to enter that spectacular reading room. The experience was one I’ll likely never forget!! Just keep in mind that if you decide to ever get a library card, you may have a bit of a wait. It took me nearly an hour to get mine. It was worth it though.

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      2. Oooh….if my daughter ends up in dc I’m definitely doing that!! Thanks for info! We were wondering how you got into reading room!!

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    1. My daughter LOVED Georgetown. It’s just so hard to get into. Our neighbor got into Chicago, but not Georgetown….so it’s absurdly hard to get into. My kid is trying to figure out the difference between honors and regular at gw and american


  1. Wow you saw a lot! I was in DC last week (Thursday to Sunday) and we saw the Cherry Blossoms on Friday – they were beautiful! I could have walked right by you and not known 🙂

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    1. Let’s see…on Thursday we were at founding fathers for breakfast, George Washington university for a tour, capital visitors center, library of Congress, outside Supreme Court, newseum, and dinner at thunder bar in Georgetown. We were the very loquacious pair…😉


      1. Tell her to be descriptive on her application and should show that she REALLY wants to attend AU and why she does. Also tell her to list her talents (language, computer/technology, certifications) and extra curriculars on her application. The interview is optional but I really recommend her to schedule an interview 🙂

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      2. Thank you. She’s looking at more schools over the next week, but I will pass on your advice! She’s starting to work on applications and they’re overwhelming

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