Happy Easter!

Where I went:

Metropolitan Museum of Art: “Public Parks, Private Gardens: Paris to Provence” I love the Impressionist movement.  I love the colors, I love the way things are depicted, I just love to look at the paintings.  So the new Met show was sort of perfect for me.  It was hard for me to find a favorite work, but I’m going with Vincent Van Gogh- Iris’s


Thomas Cole’s Journey: Atlantic Crossings.  My Husband loves landscapes, so this was a win/win again.

What I Listened to:


Justin Timberlake- “Man of the Woods”

Bernhard Zimmerman

Jon Batiste

The Zombies

Andrew Bird

Diet Cig

“Pretty Woman” soundtrack

“Kiss me Kate” soundtrack

Cigarettes After Sex

Jennifer Koh


What I Watched

“Love, Simon” Love, this movie

NCAA basketball

Spring Baking Championship

What I did:

Leila Heller Gallery “NDD Immersion: Part I of the Women’s Trilogy Project Rachel Lee Hovnanian” This is a really cool installation/immersion (I think that’s what you would call it) piece where you enter a room set up to be like the woods at night, including faux stars and campfire, and sounds of crickets chirping, and you carry a lantern in as you go into the room one person at a time.  Catch?  They lock up your cell phone.  You’re supposed to experience it without distraction.

Snapchat Virtual Easter Egg Hunt: Spurred on by my daughter, we did an egg hunt circa 2018.  We looked at a snapchat map of where virtual eggs were hidden, and we walked around the city looking for them.  I know- sort of the exact opposite of the other thing I did this week…but really, really fun!!

What I’m Reading:

“The Secret Adversary” Agatha Christie (yes- part of Jay’s Agatha Christieathon)

Random Question: (getrandomthings.com)

Who would you want to be stranded on a desert island with?  Gilligan, the Professor, Mary Ann, Ginger, Mr. and Mrs. Howell and the Skipper (though the skipper is the one that got us on the island….)

Side Note:  I will be away this coming week.  College visits.  But never fear!  I’ve written in advance so you will not miss my varied and random thoughts!  Have a great week everyone!

Clarification:  In my post “Act Your Age”, I used the term pop culture.  I did not really mean pop culture- it was a poor word choice.  In my head, I was thinking about something specific.  In NYC, there is a Broadway show called “Hamilton”.  In you live in the NYC area, it’s almost impossible to not know about this show.  The person I was referring to in the blog had never heard of “Hamilton”.  I thought this was beyond odd.





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