It was a pretty good week.  Odd, but it’s difficult to pin down why a week was better than another.  Yet there you go.  Enjoy you seder to all who partake.  Happy Passover.

  1. my ability to read fast when I’m trying to finish a book in two days
  2. my ereader for easy access to books
  3. google maps for when I get lost in the city I’ve lived in for 30 years
  4. University of Chicago for best intro letter ever
  5. WordPress scheduler
  6. Rusty Staub.  You were one of my favorite baseball players.  RIP
  7. Final Four (go Nova)
  8. Opening Day baseball 2018
  9. Mets win on opening day
  10. The ability to say that the Mets are in first place
  11. Having cash when you realize you are at a cash only restaurant
  12. Aloe tissues
  13. ointment to heal my burnt finger

19 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturdays March 31

  1. Man, my aloe infused toilet paper is one of the things I miss most since we moved out here. Because of the septic situation, I’ve had to revert back to primitive toilet paper with no aloe & E. Hopefully, we install a 2 stage incinerating septic system and I can welcome my aloe infused butt wipes back into my life😍

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  2. Nice to see the Rusty Staub mention. All the articles I read correctly laud his Met and Expo years, but dammit he was also a hero in Detroit too. For a few short years all my friends wanted to be him in Tiger Stadium. He was a class act. – Marty

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