Back in the day George Carlin did a comic routine about the seven words you couldn’t say on TV.  TV has rules.  Well, I have rules:  there are words we’re not allowed to say in our house, and I think they are way worse than those seven words.  These are my version of profanity.  Use at your own peril.

  1. Boring/Bored: My favorite quip is “If you’re bored, you’re boring.” If you utter any variation of this word in my house I will find you something to do.  There is no reason to ever be bored.  Bored equates to lazy as far as I’m concerned
  2. Fine: I hate when people say they are “fine”.  I know the definition of fine according to starts out with fine quality, but I don’t refer to that meaning.  I refer to the second definition which is “good”.  It’s such a boring way to refer to anything.  And you know how I feel about boring.  Also, I find when my family responds to something with “Fine” they are actually annoyed.  I’m annoyed cause they used the word.
  3. Nice:  Really?  You can’t give me a better description.  ‘How was the party?’ ‘It was nice.’  Tell me how the party was.  Loud, lacking food, overly decorated, give me real words.
  4. Interesting: Empty word.  What makes it interesting.  What is a novel idea?  Was it done in a totally new way? Do you not like it but are trying to be nice?
  5. Urrgg: I know I’m stretching it, calling this a word, but I just hate when I say something like “Set the table for dinner” and the response is Urrgg…
  6. Mommy:  I remember how I longed to hear my Daughter say Mommy.  And that first time was joyous.  But three days later, after the millionth time, I was very tired of the word.  Please make it stop!
  7. Honey, Sweetie, Snookums, or any term of endearment that precedes a request from my Husband that I will not like, or do not want to do

56 thoughts on “Don’t Say That

  1. argh. 🙂

    boy-teen answers:
    How was school? horrible.
    How was practice? fine.
    How was the game? good.
    How are you? …. hello? where did he go???

    Boredom breeds creativity. I love it when they say they’re bored. I say “I have a list, pick something or I will pick for you!”


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  2. “Interesting” is usually my very polite way of saying “WTF is this effing b.s. anyway?”
    Like when I’m clothes shopping and I see a top that has a keyhole front & cold shoulder detail & a random ruffle across the chest (on a random diagonal) & 3/4 length bell sleeves & a sharkbite hem & a bow in the back and I can’t even figure out what to look at first because there are just too many random trends thrown into one garment

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  3. I hate when my children say they are bored. I’m like, “Oh, if you’re bored, help me clean, cook, etc.” I can cure them from bordem really quickly!

    I hate the way everyone uses “literally”. Drives me nuts.

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  4. “whatever you want” when you know full well they can make the choice and there is something they want but make it look like they are giving you a gift of choice. I ask my husband where he wants to go to eat and I get that response, so now I give him my 2 approved choices and make him choose. We are adults but there are times when I feel like I am dealing with a toddler.

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  5. If you remember the movie Italian job, they provided a definition for FINE (freaked out, insecure, neurotic and emotional ).

    I am a fan of words, and enjoy when people use words like cahoots, bonkers, and so on.

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    1. Love fun words!! But no one uses them anymore!! I don’t remember that from Italian job, but I’m going to have to rewatch! Thanks for laugh!


  6. “My bad” when they do something wrong. Yes, your bad, but ARE YOU SORRY? I used “It’s been an interesting experience” when I gave my two week’s notice at Michaels. I didn’t want to say it’s been a horrible experience but I didn’t think cleaning out the toilets was all that marvelous of an experience either.

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  7. Whenever my kids uttered the ‘I”m bored’ words, my immediate response was to tell them to go clean their room.

    My pet peeve word is now ‘Yaknow?’ I had a lady who used to sit in the cubicle in front of me, and all day…

    I wanted to throw things over the wall on occasion.

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    1. Oh, God, that’s mine too. I have a sister who continually says it. I compare it to “whatever” and the need to disregard any prevailing viewpoint just expressed which go counter to someone else’s own thoughts. It’s lazy speak. – Marty

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  8. Your list is definitely a good start. Beyond individual words that drive me nuts, I can’t stand it when people don’t enunciate. Mush-mouths make me crazy. I was listening to a reporter on NPR this morning – NPR for gosh sakes – who seemed to have forgotten that “threaten” had a “t” in it. Fingernails on a chalkboard.

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  9. I’d just like my kids to stop using the “F” bomb around me. I NEVER said it in front of my parents, nor did they ever use it. It may be the most overused word in the English language, and I hate when people use it for lack of anything else more original.

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  10. “Only boring people are bored.”
    End of discussion. If a child, or an adult for that matter, says they’re bored, it’s a reflection on their lack of creativity and intellect so it’s easy to turn that around.
    I love the way you used George Carlin’s list as inspiration. Clearly, you’re never bored. 😉

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  11. I agree! Words should mean something. As for the terms of endearment, the only time my husband and I use them is if we are annoyed with each other. Like, “Can you please pick turn the stupid TV down a little, Sugar Lips?” My sister and her husband constantly call each other “love,” and that drives me up the wall. Thanksgiving is stressful enough without listening to “Can you pass the dressing, love?” “Thanks, love.” “Want anything else to eat, love?” “No, love, I’ve had enough.” And so on……… Can you tell it’s been a long day for me, or what????

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