Another week in the books!  Here’s a little wrap up of my week:

What I Listened to:

Claude Debussy: Treason- Oriental Influences for Flute and Piano

Lucy Dacas- Historian

Yuja Wang

Grateful Dead- The Best of The Grateful Dead (Live- remastered)

Borns- Blue Madonna

Romeo Santos

Esa-Pekka Salonen- Memoria

My Fair Lady soundtrack

Apollo Fire

What I Watched:

“Call the Midwives” (I know- I’m late to the party.  Love)

Queer Eye (I miss the original Fab 5, but still love the concept)

New York International Children’s Film Festival- Shorts Program 3.  My daughter and I have been going to this festival since she was three.  We love voting on our favorite movies.  If I find the program I will list the films we saw.  Our favorite was “Negative Space”.  I know “Geneva Convention” won the category though. (technically last week, but…)


“Instinct” This could become my new favorite show.  I know it’s a golden age of TV, but I like my TV light and easy.  I have home ADD- I can’t just watch TV, I have to watch along with doing something else, so thoughtful TV shows are out of my realm.  This is a nice. cozy mystery starring Alan Cumming.  Seriously perfect for me.

“Keep the Change” I love indie movies, my Husband doesn’t.  Recently, he found out about an amazing Italian place across the street from one of my favorite indie movie theaters.  Sometimes it’s a win/win.

What I went to:

Angela Hewitt performing Bach’s :Goldberg Variations”.  She is an gorgeous pianist, but I have to say the first two thoughts after the 90 minute no intermission performance were 1) Wow.  She has that all memorized.  and 2) look at how stiff she is when she got up from the piano.  That takes a lot of stamina


Cooper Hewitt  Saw “Access and Ability” exhibit which was a cool exhibit about the functionality of design and “Bob Greenberg Selects” which was just his curation of tech objects in our world.  This is just a fun space and cool if you have kids and are visiting. (technically this was last week but I didn’t mention it because I was in a lousy funk last week and didn’t feel like writing about it

What I’m Reading:

Finished “Portrait of a Lady” ( I actually liked this book when I first read it 30 years ago.  Not so much on the reread)

“A Piece of the World” Christina Baker Kline (remind me not to have my two book clubs meet within days of one another…)

Funnyish part of week:

My daughter has applied for three summer internships so far (the other four are in the works of being sent out).  I thought she would definitely get called back for one of them:  she didn’t.  I thought she had no  shot at another: so of course she got an interview.  So another moment that I literally know nothing.  But- she did get an interview with the one she really wants, which was almost a disaster because she didn’t get the first email they sent….

Random Question (

Are you related or distantly related to anyone famous? Infamous maybe…  But, my cousin plays lead guitar for a fairly popular singer, but that’s borderline if he’s famous or not.  Otherwise, no.  My family is utterly unremarkable.


Yay!  Very happy to love my box.  Yes- I am obsessed!!



21 thoughts on “Week in Review- March 18-24

  1. Love Instinct! I know quite a few people that love Stitch Fix, but they look good in everything! They recently added large sizes but I think they neglected to add people who know how to style large sizes, according to someone I know that tried them. She went with Dia & Co. much better if anyone needs a tip.

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  2. Love that your husband has found his favorite restaurant across from an Indie Movie. That sounds familiar: appeasing both sides of the family. It is interesting to note the things we expect don’t happen and those we don’t expect do happen as with your daughter. Best wishes for her. The unexpected serendipity may come through. I was just reviewing my work clothes for next week. It would be nice to have someone dress me like Melania Trump. I love her style!Or maybe her stylist but then again our budget is not on the same plane.

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  3. I guess it depends which My Fair Lady soundtrack, but I was always partial to the Julie Andrews version. I remember as a kid staring at the cover with God controlling Rex Harrison via marionette, who in turn was doing the same to Julie Andrews. My mom played that album endlessly back in the sixties. Thanks for the nice memory. – Marty

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    1. I listened to the Audrey Hepburn /Rex Harrison one. It was the first one up on Spotify. I’ve been thinking about it because a revival is coming to Broadway. Just a fun show!


  4. I’m envious of your ability to see such quality performances anytime you want…….the advantage of living in a major city. I’m excited to be seeing a ballet performance of Phantom of the Opera this week. But it’s a 2 hour plus drive from my house, so a night in a hotel. But it is in the city where my daughter is attending university…….bonus!

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  5. I would have loved to see Angela Hewitt playing Bach! A pianist myself, my piano teacher spent years laying the foundation of playing with “weight” – through the shoulders, through the back…not just from the fingers. So you are exactly right – It can be exhausting! I always love to look at the well developed back muscles of a really skilled pianist! And an hour+ of Bach??? Sublime! ~ Lynn

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