I love flowers.  Can’t grow them, but love to look at them.  So, every year I attend the New York Botanic Garden Orchid Show.  When I began going, it was a family event: the husband and the daughter included.  Time passes, and now it’s just husband and me.  It’s bittersweet, because my Daughter has a whole life of her own (which is great) but I miss those little moments.


I’ve been attending the orchid show almost since its inception 16 years ago.  Though always beautiful, I don’t think this years show is as pretty as past shows.  My husband always makes the same joke every year:  he says, “Didn’t we see this flower last year?”  I smile and snap another 300 pictures.

Today is a wet, cold day in NYC.  School is closed due to threat of impending Nor’easter, though no snow is to be had quite yet. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

And no- I have no idea what any of these flowers are called.  I just think they’re pretty!

56 thoughts on “The Orchid Show

      1. Of course, they are all beautiful. I think it is great we can all appreciate these things and learn as a community from each other. I have one of the birder blogs that I follow, I am always learning about new stuff. They are wonderful pictures and thanks for bringing us along with your post.

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  1. I didn’t think that I could grow flowers either, then we moved to a region where the some just grow despite what you do to them. Maybe you just live in the wrong place, and it’s not that you can’t grow flowers.

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  2. OMG… I hear you… my daughter is a teenager and I never imagined it would be so hard to see her grow up. Every age of our children has its challenges, but so far for me, this is the most difficult. Maybe when she leaves the nest, it will be unbearable then. Hope the weather calms.

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