Another week in the books!  Wow!  How are we halfway through March?!

What I Watched

“Game Night” (movie)

NCAA tournament

Fixer Upper

What I Listened to:

Led Zeppelin

David Bowie

Eagle Eye Cherry

Sarah MacLachlen


Belle and Sebastian

What I Saw:

Armory Show (this is a big art show, where dealers from all over the world set up little galleries inside a big space) I had recently seen a documentary about the French street artist JR, so when I found he was showing at the Armory Show I knew I had to attend.  His work is very cool- he takes photos and blows them up and it’s really too hard to give a proper explanation suffice to say it’s fun and interesting.

What I read:

You know I’m still reading “Portrait of a Lady” (Henry James)




16 thoughts on “Sunday Wrap Up

  1. I’m still trying to read 3 books at one time, unfortunately, I’m so sleepy when I go to bed, I only get a few pages of one or the other read. At this rate, it will be Christmas before I’m done, lol!

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