Ok.  It’s secret day.  First secret:  I buy the majority of my skin care products from the drug store.  I don’t use big name, expensive brands.  Second secret: I’m a little crazy with skin care.  There is nothing I hate more than dry skin, and the older I get, the dryer my skin gets.  It’s like the ‘be careful what you wish for’ thing- when I was younger my skin was a bit oily and I longed for it to dry out.  Well, I got what I wished for.

I believe I have separate lotions for every part of me.  I don’t go anywhere without hand cream.  My life is a constant battle to not have my skin crack off.  So I use a product on my face known as serum.  It goes on before moisturizer, and adds an extra level of protection.  I’ve been buying No. 7 for a few months now, so I recently went to replace it.  Unfortunately, I did not remember which particular formula I had bought, so I began reading the packaging for the four different serums that they manufacture.  While I was comparing and contrasting, a young (very) salesperson came over to me.  She was asking me what problem I was trying to overcome.  Here’s the third secret:  I don’t like being helped in a store unless I ask.  I am perfectly capable of figuring things out on my own.  So I was a bit ornery when I responded “Well, you tell me.  You see my skin.  Which serum should I be using?  Am I spots, wrinkles, fine lines or industrial strength?”  She looked at my face and then she replied, “Well, actually, your skin looks great.  Seriously, it’s in really good condition.  Which one do you use now?  How long have you been using it?  You could be the commercial as to why you use it, because your skin looks great.”

So what’s the point?  Was this just a big ploy to tell you how great my skin is?  No.  And yes.

Take care of yourself.  This doesn’t mean spending a lot of money.  It doesn’t mean being a slave to advertising.   But it does mean washing yourself properly and using products that will keep your skin healthy.  Just take what you have and be the best you that you can be.

Sorry, you can’t reverse time.  You can’t become younger.  You can’t make wrinkles go away, or reverse damage, or any of the things that skincare claims.  No one is ever going to tell me I look 44 because I use a serum.  But you can do your best to maintain what you do have.

Take care of your mind.  Take care of your body.  Take care of your skin.  These are the things you have.   Work with what you have and treat them kindly.  There is no miracle cure once things go south.  Maintain what you have.  It is not vain to take care of yourself.  You matter.  Treat yourself like you do.

I have received absolutely no compensation for talking about No. 7.  It was just a detail to my post.

39 thoughts on “You Matter

  1. I use drugstore products to. My sil is trying to sell me some over the top experience brand she swears by and she sells as a consultant on the side but I’m not interested. Or, I can’t be bothered. My stuff works fine.

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  2. I understand your frustration. I have been known to stand in front of the drugstore products reading the ingredients. If my little pug were nearby, he would be eyeing me with half closed eyes as if to say, “So what else is new?’ recognizing my obsession.

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  3. Um, my skincare routine makes yours look obsessive. Seriously, I don’t even moisturize as much as you. I have always been pretty good about protecting it from the sun, but that’s about it. And I refuse to “fight” wrinkles because I hate losing battles. Besides, as a recovering addict, I’m lucky I’m still alive; so I’ve earned the signs of aging LOL

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  4. I am a devotee of a product line that I used to be able to find at Target and CVS but I know the whole line is at Whole Foods for the same price so I just go there. Serum, moisturizer, eye serum, eye cream, night cream and body lotion! You and I may be on the same lines, but with my fair Irish skin I need all the help I can get! Not vain just taking care of the largest organ in the body.

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  5. I buy whatever is cheap when I need it 🤣

    You are right, we should look after ourselves, because if we don’t look after ourselves we won’t be in any fit state to look after the ones we love.

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