This week had its challenges, both trivial and significant.  Weather forced me to cancel the dog’s grooming appointment (a long overdue grooming).  A friend’s Mom passed away without much warning.  I spilled an entire bowl of cream of mushroom soup.  But here were some things that allowed me to look on the bright side.

1) IFC Center for showing Oscar nominated short films

2) Quad Cinema for showing documentaries and foreign films

3) New York Botanic Garden Orchid Show

4) Tulips

5) Chevrie goat cheese

6) My gym being two blocks away

7) heaters that blow hot air so I could dry my sneakers that I was stupid enough to wear outside during snow

8) Friends who listen to you whine about insignificant things

9) My daughters teachers, who are awesome



13 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturdays

  1. On the bright side, I didn’t have to go to work, on the dark side, I didn’t get to sleep in either. Glad you have things to be grateful for!

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