I tried doing a Sunday review a few months ago, but I didn’t love the format.  So, I am again going to try to come up with a way to wrap up my week.

What I’m reading:

“How to Stop Time” Matt Haig

“Destination Simple” Brooke McAlary

What I watched this week:

Oscar Nominated Documentary Shorts


Reruns of Frasier on Netflix

Will and Grace

What I Listened to this week:

The soundtrack to “Fifty Shades Freed”

Brandi Carlisle

Destiny’s Child

Britney Spears


Best Part of Week

My daughter finished 2nd in a poetry contest and her poem will be published in Writers Slate in April (I think) and she won a writing contest sponsored by the group she did volunteer work with last summer.  She had a good week.

Random Question: What’s a favorite piece of clothing own/owned?

If pajamas count, it would be by black tank and black pants that I wear to bed.  Incredibly soft and comfy.



49 thoughts on “The Week in Review

  1. Congratulations to your daughter! I love Frasier! Both my husband and I do. My favorite pair of comfortable clothing sounds like yours. At times, I want to forget last week but I am most grateful for making it through a tough week and settling in with the paper and a cup of coffee.

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  2. My favorite clothing is a handsome red wool sweater that I bought years ago. The other day, I was looking through some old pictures and there it was….the year…..2000. Embarrassing, but that should also tell you how comfortable it is.

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  3. Great work to the daughter! I’m set for season 2 of The Crown but have been trying to give many of the new mid-season network shows a look at least. So far not horribly impressed. Some food for thought, and perhaps a blog post topic since I know you like to plan ahead–Will and Grace has left me flat in this updated version. The gay banter and focus just seem way too over the top anymore, if that makes sense. Cliche is maybe the word I’m looking for. The concept was new and fresh in the original, now it just seems old and trite. Haven’t we moved beyond the snarky Karen and the idea that gay men spend a substantial amount of time focused on their own gayness and what is portrayed as a stereotypical lifestyle to provide joke material. I wanted to like this show, but I just don’t. I wonder how many of these “remakes” will actually be successful?

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    1. I’m not going to disagree about will and grace. It’s like they rehashed the same jokes from the original. It’s not fresh as it was, and you’re really got, it is cliched. But I like their chemistry so I watch. the Crown is soooo good. I live that show!!

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  4. I’d like to give you my answers if that’s cool.

    What I’m reading: “Keto Adapted” by Maria Emmerich
    “Unknown” by Jina Salameh
    “Howie and the Alien by my friend Deran Wright

    What I watched this week: too many shows to name, I watch tv every night and although I have my favorite shows each night, nothing stands out. Right this minute I’m watching a cute movie I “taped earlier called Wish I Was Here. (I love Kate Hudson) Also, I was made aware again that Jared Leto is also the lead singer for “30 Seconds to Mars” which is the coolest thing ever!

    Best part of the week: getting my hair cut and colored which it desperately needed! And, shopping for the Bunco gifts (although it was just window shopping for now)

    Random Question: I guess I’d have to say my favorite item of clothing is currently blue jeans since I wear the heck out of them. And/or, my black VS bra that I wear almost exclusively because it fits the best, even though I have about 20 different bras, only VS bras fit right.

    That’s it, hope you enjoyed mine as much I enjoyed yours!

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    1. My only little problem was, personally, I only notice how someone has aged when I haven’t seen them in a long time. I don’t notice it if I see them every day. Even though I know there was a level of fantastic to the story, that didn’t ring in true to me.

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    1. 😀😀❤️. I know I shouldn’t say this, but I had a little believability problem with time, but…..it was a great book, and I heard Benedict Cumberbatch is going to do the movie, so really…..


      1. I feel you. Some parts I just had to accept to continue on. But I found it thought provoking. Not immortal, yet not mortal? How would I live that life?
        I’m curious to see how they make the movie work. I think he’s an excellent choice to play Tom. I guess we’ll see…

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      2. Exactly. It was worth the read, but I kept thinking that I don’t notice aging on people I see every day…its only when I see people I haven’t seen in awhile. Except kids of course…the early years would be different


      3. I don’t remember thinking that while reading, but you’re exactly right!
        He got around the kid thing by claiming it doesn’t begin till puberty. Conceptually, that made it simpler to consider.


      4. But I guess the conceit of heindrick (sp) had to deal with the whole 8 year thing….but interesting read and as stated very very thought provoking!!


  5. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 for your daughter!

    A favorite piece of clothing is a black shawl I bought from AVON about 20 years ago, at least. It covers me completely, it’s warm, and it’s like a security blanket when I’m in places where there’s a lot of people and I feel cold (chilly). I know….weird, right?

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  6. Wife #1 detested my henley shirts for some reason. But after five + years, wife #2 hasn’t said a word about them. So I’m taking that as at least quasi-approval. They’re my favorite article of clothing for some reason. – Marty

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