You know I’m desperately trying to live life more positively.  This is especially hard for someone who lives their life on the edge of sarcasm.  So, I’ve decided to do gratitude Saturdays.  I’m going to simply list the things I was most grateful for during the prior week.  I intended to begin last week, but my Sister’s visit curtailed things, so today you are going to get 10 thoughts.  Some of these may be explored in longer blog posts.  Aren’t you excited? she says with just a little tiny bit of sarcasm in her voice.

  1. stitchfix
  2. prepaid postage drop off spot
  3. unexpectedly beautiful February days
  4. quick cook faro
  5. daughters doing something nice with no ulterior motives
  6. book summaries that help you catch up on the particulars of a book you haven’t read in awhile
  7. hairdressers can know exactly how to cut your hair when you’re not sure how you want it
  8. umbrellas that fit in purses
  9. wordpress
  10. the Lego store

79 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturdays

      1. Hey, can you do me another favor? Tell me if you saw yesterday’s post? It is saying it had 0 views! I just wonder if I screwed something up when I was trying to get google adsense put on my site. Yesterday’s post was about eating your keto smoothie. I would appreciate it.

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      2. I didn’t see it. What time did you post it? I can try to search it that way just in case I screwed up something


  1. This is a good idea. I may steal it for a post (maybe thankful Thursdays—I’m all for alliteration). We all need to stop and look around and just realize what we have. It’s also interesting to look at others’ lists and see how alike we are and how different we are. Someone else’s list might remind you of something you’ve started to take for granted.

    As for this magic umbrella you have, we all need more info. I think I must have one.

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    1. I do, I have one, funny thing is, I never take that one! I always take some huge monstrosity that I can never get closed, so I end up getting soaked anyway! 🙂

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  2. I think it’s interesting that we are both grateful for some of the same things, like unusually warm weather in February. Not sure I agree with the WordPress one but then, where would we be without them right?

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      1. Say, are you seeing my responses as coming from Kimmy’s Keto Patio or Write Where You are? Something is still not working on my website. My DELETED account has received 20 likes, lol! How is that possible???

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  3. I am grateful this Saturday is coming to an end (for me) even tho my 10yo will want to party on and on for hours still. Which makes me grateful to have the hotel room to myself…she can party else.

    How can a sports tournament be so exhausting for the parent who does nothing but sit (in cars, rinks, restaurants, hotel rooms) but so energizing for the sporty kid who never stops moving??

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  4. I need to find out more about quick cook farro. And a hair stylist who knows what I want even though I don’t? Where do I find one of those? I enjoy writing my GratiTuesday posts, I hope your Gratitude Saturday posts make you happy too… it’s good to make yourself aware of all the good that is out there.

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    1. I have to try! I really was becoming too curmudgeonly!! I bought the farro at Whole Foods. I think it was their 365 brand, but I also put it in a glass container when I get home. Next time I by I will check. And you can borrow my hairstylist if you ever come to nyc!!


  5. I love your gratitude list! Each day I try to jot down 3 things I’m grateful for, and sometimes it’s just hard! But in reading your list, I think I’m over-thinking it! Like I’m trying to be grateful for big dramatic things…well, no longer, baby! (I’m just as sarcastic as you!) Love this! ~ Lynn

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  6. Love this! Especially number 5- my 15 yo daughter got in the car after school the other day and asked me how my day was, and what did I do. I was so shocked I almost got us into a car wreck as a result!

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