When I was younger, I was sort of obsessed with the quizzes that appeared in magazines: First Seventeen, then Cosmo.  So naturally, I have an affinity for Buzzfeed quizzes.  Last month, one such quiz told me that my Pride and Prejudice character was Elizabeth Bennett.  Well, as I am totally Elizabeth Bennett, I decided to do a really well researched study as to what else I am.  Here’s the results of random quizzes I took and how accurate I think they are.

15 Random Questions will reveal what one word describes your life: Ambitious

This is totally me.

True spring break personality: low-key hang

While I tend to be a low key vacationer, I’m a doer.  I’m not going to spend the whole day on the beach

make an ice cream sundae and we’ll guess your favorite clothing store: Urban Outfitters

Ok- while I do not shop for myself at UA, it is my daughters favorite store, so it is probably the store I do shop the most, and spend the most money at.

design an apartment in 8 steps and we’ll tell you which city you belong in: New York City

Seriously.  You can not get any more accurate than this.

which dipping sauce matches your personality: sweet and sour

I totally get that I am sweet and sour- I can be incredibly nice, and I can be grouchy.  Dead on accurate.

me and my best friend should go to: hawaii

Hawaii is clearly one of my favorite places.  Why wouldn’t I want to go?

are you more Meredith Maggie or Amelia? Meredith

This is tough, because I don’t think I’m actually like any of them, but Meredith would probably be the closest.

which national park vacation is next visit: Acadia

I went to Acadia last summer and LOVED it.

build your dream house and well tell whether you more creative or logical: logical

I am logic driven.  I always put things through the logic test.  Accurate!!

ingredient that matches their soul: red pepper flakes

I can be fiery and sharp to taste.  I call accurate.

which brunch food are you: crepes

Hmmm.  Not sure about this.  I like to think of myself as exotic yet accessible, so I guess this is OK.

Abba song takes it all: The Winner Takes it All

Can not disagree with this at all.

Friends character I’m most like: Phoebe 

Nope.  I’m least like her.  Quiz fail.

design your dream home in 7 steps and tell age: 16

Obviously this is right on target for a blog titled waking on the wrong side of 50…

create ice cream and reveal if extroverted or introverted: extroverted

Wrong.  So very, very wrong.  I’m definitely more of an introvert

Disney Villain alter ego: Jafar

Ok- I can totally see this.

Pick seven desserts based on color and reveal your greatest quality: sweet

No way.

So what did I learn?  Well, oddly, some of these quizzes were accurate.  And some were wildly off base.  What does it mean?  Absolutely nothing.  The real question is why am I so obsessed with quizzes.  I’m always searching for answers.  I’m constantly overthinking everything.  I’m constantly looking for patterns.  Is this why I’m drawn to them?

Or are they just fun?

But notice I’m trying to find the logic.  I’m trying to find out the why.  Maybe I take the quizzes because I think they’ll give me the answers I most desperately crave.  Maybe I just want an easy answer.

Who knows.  And now I’m off to take a quiz.


34 thoughts on “The Lure of the Quiz

      1. I know you’re not a huge tv watcher, but I think you’d like it. Gripping stories. Great dialogue and character interaction. Put it in your binge list

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  1. This makes me laugh. I love taking those little quizzes. They’re interesting and I think as a whole no one can get enough of them. They’re even more prominent on social media. Yes, some are completely accurate. Yet some are completely off base as you put it. I have no idea why we’re all so obsessed with them, but I’m glad I’m not the only one. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. I used to love the quizzes in the old mags, but since people now take them online and all the data about the person is available online somewhere, it is not miraculous to me that they would say I was this or that based on the fact that they know everything about me. I tend to skip these quizzes now, since I don’t trust they will even just be funny guesses. *shrug*

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    1. Don’t care. I’m not a buyer really. Until they start advertising skin products for older women I’m safe from the allure. I’m not their target audience


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