My dog is little, a yorkie (we think) who weighs less than 10 pounds.  When  a pet is that little they can’t get their vaccinations all at the same time- the process has to be done over two weeks.

Now my dog is not the smartest thing, she routinely runs around like a stupid cartoon pet.  She will try to chase the cat, who is smarter and faster and younger, and the dog will routinely slide into things, or run past the cat and will look quizzically around for her.  If a dog can have a dopey expression, mine would certainly qualify.

Now, though we consider her not too smart, she does have a certain instinct.  She knows when she is going to the vet.  So two weeks ago, when I was trying to take her to get round one of shots, she tried to park herself in the lobby of the building.  She used all of her nine pounds to plant herself by the lobby bench- I had to pick her up.  She also pulled the statue move when we got to the clinic.  She refused to go down the stairs.  Again, I needed to carry her down (and so glad that she’s a little thing)

Last weekend she had to get the second set of shots.  The morning started out a little differently.  First off, the Husband was coming with me.  When we left the apartment we stopped off at the donation center, we dropped off shirts at the dry cleaner.  Sally thought she was out for a jaunty walk.

About halfway to the clinic, Sally realized this was not an ordinary walk.  I guess she realized the route, and did the statue thing.  So maybe she’s not an intellectual, but she does have instincts.

Then there is the Husband.

When we got to the clinic, I reminded the admin that I hadn’t gotten the fecal container the previous week because they were out, and told her I needed it.

Husband said “I have plastic bags.  Why do we need a container from the vet?” (because I often refer to poop bags as fecal containers in casual conversation)

The admin and I just looked at Husband (2 masters degrees FYI) until he realized what indeed the fecal container was for.

So there you go…

Peace and love to you all…..

41 thoughts on “Just Another Blog Post

  1. Sorry, I am with your husband on this one! I thought you really did mean a plastic container to collect the sample in. I have had dozens of dogs over my lifetime and had to collect stool samples plenty of times and may have stuck them in an old throw-away container to bring to the vet. So the fact that you live in NYC and you are you (meant in the nicest manner but you are kinda a stickler for doing things in a specific way and a rule follower), I figured that the vet gave out little plastic containers!!!!

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  2. Love little dogs but I have a big one. I used to have a big one that stiffened all four legs when we went to the vet…that took some pulling. And like Anne Mehrling above, I enjoy what people have to say about their pets. Go puppy!

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  3. We have a yorkie too, Maizy. I always say she’s cute for a reason – she certainly isn’t the sharpest tool in the proverbial shed. She’s a pro at that statue thing too. And if walks get too long, she just lays down and can’t be moved unless we pick her up and carry her.

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  4. We have just taken our cat to the vets for his 12 month check-up, first there was the fight to get him in the basket, then he relived himself in the car, wouldn’t get out of the basket, wouldn’t get on the scales, then wouldn’t get off the scales, or get back into the basket. I age about 10 years every time we have to take him. He’s been put on a diet now, he is not impressed.

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