I recently had a substitute instructor for my body conditioning class.  She was a great instructor and taught a great class.  She also had a funny, nice personality and she made a comment about breathing and relaxing muscles when we work because we’re too tense.  And then she added, “Please don’t go calling corporate telling them I said you were unhealthy.”  And she said it in a joking manner, but the implication was clear.  Because people really do that.  They take things at absolute face value, and twist the words so that the meaning becomes murky.  And then they report it to the higher ups.


Now, if you read my blog, you all know that Verizon and I had a little dust up a few months ago.  And I did start emailing everyone at Verizon.  (seriously)  And I am no fan of customer service.


How do we determine what is actually a reason to call the higher ups versus what’s just not worth it?  I guess it determines how much time you have on your hands, and how much the transgression offended you.  Of course, if you did not get goods or service you paid for, then hell yeah…you have every right to complain.  But actually, I’m not going to talk about the bad in customer service.  I’m going to focus on the good.

On the same day my instructor made this comment, I went shopping at a physical Staples (office supply) store.  I had seen a product online that I thought would be perfect for my needs.  I saw it was available at one Staples in my general vicinity (here’s the thing about living in a large city- i have about 15 of these stores within a 2 mile radius)

When I got to the store I was greeted very warmly by the cashier, who directed me to the section I needed.  When I got to the section, I could not find the item I was looking for, and I was 99.9% sure I was in the right area.  I found an employee, told him what I was looking for, and he spent 10 minutes on a ladder and was able to locate what I needed.

I thanked him, paid for the item with the very sweet cashier and I left for home.  On my 20 minute walk in the rain, I reflected on what the sub instructor had said that morning.  I then thought about the wonderful service I had just received.  Then I thought that this was too much thinking for a Sunday morning.  But still my mind trudged on.  People will take time out of their busy lives to complain about even a small infraction, or what they perceive as a slight.  But how often to we go out of our way to commend a good employee?

So I went home and wrote to Staples and told them that I didn’t get the names of the two employees, but that this particular location should be recognized for their nice manners and willingness to help me out and be pleasant.  (and yes, i realize that this is their job, but still, they should be recognized for doing their job well)

So now, I’m going to make it a point to commend people who are doing a good job.  It’s very easy to complain:  it should be just as easy to give good feedback.  Don’t you feel good when someone compliments you?

Now this isn’t a resolution, or even a goal.  It’s just going to be my new way of thinking.  Positivity. Positively.


56 thoughts on “Both Sides

  1. I am ready to complain at a big box store. But their employees are kind and helpful. Complicated. But you have written athoughtful piece. Perhaps I will write a letter of praise and discontent….both sides.

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  2. I’ll have to search for your post about Verizon. I’ve never had anything but great customer service from them. When my kids were working retail they would come home with some pretty horrible stories about interactions with some customers. A lot were of the negative variety but the ones that really impacted them were the positive comments they received. Since that time I’ve been purposely making an effort to catch the employee’s name and thank them using it. Now that I am working on the other side of the counter at Michaels I can really see it first hand. Some people are out and out rude for no reason. I greet EVERY customer with a smile and try to get even the grumpiest to smile back before I’m done with the transaction. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but I’ve given it a go. And the stores really do pay attention to those surveys so if you did get good service, complete the survey!

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    1. It was around the end ofOctober , but I didn’t say it was Verizon at the time. I ordered something and didn’t receive a confirm. I asked to have confirm resent. They told me it was impossible to resend a confirm/receipt. I was not happy….

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      1. I found the post about X. I agree with you about just a simple thing as re-sending a confirmation should be just pushing a button. Somebody must have had it saved on their computer!

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  3. I very often write to companies about staff if I feel they have been helpful or were very pleasant giving the reasons why I felt this. Sometimes I get a letter back saying they will pass on the comments to the person, other times I have letters saying it’s the way they train their staff and once I had a letter asking if they could use my comments in staff training.
    I think it’s nice to let companies know who the good staff are.

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  4. I’ve long believed that if I’m going to be that crazy white b!tch that contacts corporate to complain, then I should also be the lady that contacts corporate about excellent customer service. I also leave good reviews on Google and yelp. Because when employees get it really right, everybody needs to know

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  5. On behalf of all retail workers I say THANK YOU! We hardly ever get letters saying anything good so when we do it really helps. I think people concentrate on the negative because they think it is all part of the job. I try to go out of my way for every customer that needs anything special, but the ones that complain think they are getting better service because they are insisting on it. I have been treated badly, dismissed or even ignored but I am expected to treat those people pleasantly. I believe everyone in the country should work in some sort of service job as a requirement, like some countries that have military service as a requirement. That would make everyone a little nicer.

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    1. Now I’m with you until the mandatory service, cause I think I’m way harder on retail people cause I worked in retail. I remember how hard I worked and what I did, so expect everyone else to work as hard as I did.


  6. Oh, I absolutely agree, good work should be rewarded and praised. I’m glad you wrote corporate. I know when I was working retail, a nice letter from an appreciative customer meant the difference in a nice raise versus an okay raise.

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  7. This reminds me of a post I wrote back in July of 2016, not long after I started blogging. A waitress was astounded by the fact that we treated her like a human being on the 4th of July. Evidently previous patrons had forgotten their manners and their ability to say thank you. People seem like they are quick to be impolite or condemn anymore, but not so much for thanks or appreciation. I am certain that yours was well-received.

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  8. You’re right, we usually only make a big deal when we feel were are being treated unfairly. But it makes so much more sense to also recognize when people go above and beyond to be helpful. Everyone like to be appreciated!

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      1. I write down an idea in my planner and I write about it that day….and whatever is rolling around in my head comes out on paper. Every now and then I call an audible, but that’s only when someone like John Mahoney dies….

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