I love comedy.  I love sit coms.  I love dialogue.  I love wit.  When I am writing, I find that I am often funny, sometimes witty, and rely on clever dialogue to get my point across.  My cleverness with words is my greatest strength.  Well, it’s my greatest strength when it works, my greatest weakness when it fails.  Because funny is really hard.

Last night I learned of the death of John Mahoney, the actor best known for playing Martin Crane on the sitcom “Frasier”.  Of all television shows in the history of the world, Frasier is my absolute favorite.  I could sit and watch reruns of this show ad infinitum.  It embodied the most marvelous dialogue and the most gifted of comic actors.  Their timing and facial expressions and ability to deliver a line are unmatched.

This show rarely missed the comic mark.  It hit on all cylinders every time out.  When I’m working on my book, I often think of the way this show handled the absurdity of human emotions, how it took an idea, and made us look at it as both realistic and heart breaking at the same time.  We felt for the characters as well as laughing at the obvious joke.  I want to write like these writers.  I want my words to me read with the timing and physicality of an actor like John Mahoney.  His is a voice i would like my reader to have in their head, his ability to be completely understated as he says something witty or sassy, as they read my novel.

I wasn’t supposed to write about this today.  This post now totally throws off my schedule, but I had to write a little bit about the show that I most admire, the show that embodies the way I wish to write dialogue, the show that inspires me, and one of the actors that brought this show to life.

RIP Marty Crane/John Mahoney.

Please look it up if you get a chance.  You know I don’t include clips cause I hate the copyright clauses.

side note- still experiencing wordpress problems, but now the site just crashes on me.  apologies.

41 thoughts on “John Mahoney

  1. ‘Frasier’ is one of my all-time favorite shows. I also loved John Mahoney in the movie ‘Say Anything,’ where he gets to play many dramatic scenes. He’s such a talent, a bright light in the world, and I am sad to hear of his passing.

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      1. I’ve got a bit of chandler in me, too, but my awkwardness overrides everything. A couple of days ago I asked the butcher at a local market, “Is your meat really as good as it looks?” I may never go in there again!

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  2. Was always a favorite of mine too. Since you live in the city, you should look up Tulis Mccall’s shows All In Good Time at the Playroom Theater. She doesn’t have any current shows but you can get on a list to let you know when, really funny, biting wit and satire

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