I’m going to give you a peak into my mind.  Be forewarned.  I keep a list of blog topic ideas.  On Sunday nights I look them over and I schedule in what topics I am going to talk about in the upcoming week.  Unless something so thrilling happens, I pretty much stick to this method.  The night before I post, I look at my topic and I think about how I’m going to present it- I “sleep on it” if you will.

This method works for me.

So last night as I reviewed my schedule for today, I looked at the topic.  The Dentist visit.  I was going to right about how my daughter’s dentist appointment annoyed me last week.  This topic would be a rant.  I looked at the Wednesday topic- my painting class at Michaels- also a rant. I realized that both of these ideas had a common thread other than being rants: they both occurred on the same day- dentist in the afternoon, painting class at night.  And I had felt out of sorts all day.

I rant about things a lot.  (I know- you guys didn’t know that about me- but there you have it)  But I try to find the humor in these situations.  When I wrote these blog ideas, I wasn’t thinking of either of these situations with humor- I was thinking of them with anger.  So I was angry that day.  I didn’t want to try to find the bright side.

I was in a negative frame of mind.

So the dentist instituting a new policy that you have to fill out a long questionnaire annoyed me.  This is information that hasn’t changed, and should be on file.  I asked the receptionist why I had to fill out the paperwork again.  She said the paperwork had to be filled out anew every 6 months.  Guess how often my daughter goes to the dentist?  If you said every 6 months, you would be right.   I was being combative with her- I didn’t want to let it go.  This continued with their new policy of them keeping our credit card info on file.  And our social security numbers.  I badgered the woman, asking why this information was necessary for my daughter to her teeth cleaned.  I wasn’t letting go.  I was in a foul mood and I had this woman in my crosshairs.

When I went to the free painting class at Michal’s (arts and crafts store), I was annoyed that the store didn’t have the supplies they said we needed.  I was annoyed that the teacher hadn’t read the instructions about the craft that we were supposed to be doing.  I realize that you get what you pay for, but really, if I wanted to read instructions and do something by myself, I could have done that in the comfort of my own home: I didn’t have to schlep across town in the arctic chill.  I wanted an instructor.  I don’t know how to paint.  I wanted her to tell me what I needed to do.  That didn’t happen.

I know that these are both things that could potentially make someone mad.  I get that.  I get the feeling of being pissed off because you feel like you’ve wasted your time.  But it’s really about your attitude. Did these incidents really warrant be being whiny and bitchy?

Does any situation give you right to be bitchy and whiny?

And why was I in such a lousy mood that day?

I try to maintain a positive attitude-good positivity does beget good things.    But some days.  Some days are worse than others though.  Sometimes I really feel like I woke up on the wrong side of life.

And that’s how I felt on the particular day that these events occurred.  Negative.  Like the world was against me.

Why do we sometimes just have bad days?

I wish I knew.

But I do think I need to find a better way of handling the off days.  I don’t think it’s good for my mental health to spend an entire day being cranky- especially when there is no actual reason for being cranky.  Nothing bad had happened.  Life was, and is, going pretty well.

How do you handle cranky days?

Do you have a secret fix that works for you, or do you just ride it out?

My next goal is to figure out how to get myself out of a funk when I feel the dark cloud of bitchiness descending upon me.

And the goal after that is to figure out what to write about tomorrow, as I just sort of told you the Michael’s story.



104 thoughts on “Blah

  1. I have my cranky days… I just ride the tide- it’s human nature to have bad days- we can’t always be in a good mood (I am convinced that those always happy people are ‘not of this world’) I tend to use my grumpy energy for good… attack a task I’ve been meaning to get to, the housework, work out…and if all else fails- say ‘screw it’ and treat myself to something (like dinner) and put my feet up and watch Netflix or a movie I have been meaning to see.

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  2. Maybe, like me, you spend too much time alone and need to get out and interact with people for fun-not just regular, mundane reasons (dr appts, classes, etc) Maybe you should join the Red Hat Society or find a church group and meet some new people to hang out with. It gives you something to look forward to, and a welcome break in the monotony of your week.
    Other than that all I can think of is if you feel yourself being cranky, take a deep breathe and count to 10…find the positive and move on. 🙂
    Hope it helps!

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  3. Oh, I dunno. Being bitchy is often the best way to deal with the nonsense that shows up unannounced. I kind of just let myself grumble and mope for a while, then make a conscientious decision to Get On With Things. It’s a process, imho, that makes us balanced and whole overall.

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  4. Um, I have lost whole weeks to my foul moods, and I am no closer to figuring it out now than I have ever been. I just climbed out of my latest funk last Saturday afternoon, by sheer force, I am not kidding you- I knew I needed to get my head out of my ass if I was going to enjoy my weekend with my daughter ( I rented a cabin out of town, so it was an official occasion) and I just made myself act right. This time, it actually pushed me back into a good mood. That does not, however, always work. We are just temperamental little animals- so many factors come into play to make everything click. I just do my best not to inflict myself upon innocent bystanders when I am at my bitchiest. That’s the most I can offer some days.

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  5. Balance! We all will have good days and bad days! The important part is to acknowledge your feelings and allow yourself to feel and then heal! When I am in a yucky mood, I tend to retreat and work on some self care or watch a funny movie to attempt to get out of that lower vibration. Dont be so hard on yourself! 💜🌞

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  6. I think we are all allowed our crabby days , life is stressful after all. 😜 My kids are still little so it helps thinking that adult things that irritate me mean nothing to them yet .They just want to have a fun day with their mom 🤷‍♀️Also makes me feel guilty when i know i could have much bigger problems . But like i said we are all ALLOWED crabby days. I think taking a moment to take a break and do something you like helps or treat yourself with something small . Or venting to someone never fails !

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  7. It’s a walk for me. Everyone has their ‘off days’ and it’s good that you can acknowledge them and discuss them. Your a step above most! Lately, I’ve been having more cranky days than usual – maybe it’s the breakup, maybe it’s too much sugar – I don’t know! But a good walk seems to either clear my head entirely or at least give me some perspective – a ‘cool down’ period to reassess. Great post!

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  8. I actually make a “plan” for a week as well…but I’m writing a post in the same day I’ll put on the blog..
    Sometimes I keep a pen and notebook at my table in the bedroom to write the ideas about the post if anything pops up in my head :))

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  9. I don’t think you should blame your crankiness on your dentist office experience. What they’re doing is nonsense. I’d change dentists! There are plenty of dentists around. Disclaimer: I’ve changed dentists more than once myself for similar reasons of irritation! 🙂

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      1. That example particularly resonated with me; I’ve changed dentists three times because of various irritations! Going into the dentist’s office in a relaxed, accommodating frame of mind would not have made the senseless paperwork any less irritating! 🙂

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  10. I can easily let one small issue (that likely really wasn’t an issue) turn into something I stew about for days. I am a worrier and find it all too easy to see the negative in things. I have noticed, as my outlook on life in general has been changing over these past months since the divorce that I am at least more aware of the times that I get cranky when I don’t need to. I realize just how old and tired taking issue with petty things makes me. It’s slowly getting easier to let things go…most of the time… and when I realize that I have actually managed to move beyond being a crab I’m rather pleased and proud of myself, so that’s nice and encouraging.
    There is always chocolate of course 🙂 Doesn’t that solve everything.

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  11. Blah is a lovely word that many people instinctively know how to interpret, especially when it comes from hormonal middle aged women. Ha…;) I have a friend in Europe whom I message with regularily and we understand each other perfectly when one of us types that word into the messenger window.

    I get days like that. Over many trials and errors I decided solitude and hermit-like behaviour works for me. Because on days like that nothing will likely go right and everything will piss me off more.

    On that topic, I have drafts of unpublishable rants that will likely never see the light of day. But it makes me feel better to bang out the crappy mood on my keyboard.

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  12. First I think it is wonderful that you can isolate and identify a crabby day like that. How was the next day? Irritability in both situations warranted although some days we can just let it go. Dentist office- really stupid with 6 month thing. Michaels? Ah I am disappointed as it is one of my faves. Darn

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  13. I think some crankiness was warranted in both of those cases. The problem was that you were cranky with the wrong person at the dentist office, and maybe at Micheal’s too. The receptionist doesn’t get to establish policy and the “instructor” was probably the low totem pole employee who got stuck at the last minute doing the craft. Micheals corporate needs a letter. Your actual dentist needs a talk. Or whoever makes these decisions. Ask yourself if this is important enough to make you ask to speak to the person in charge and make your case. If not, paste on your happy face and pretend like you’re having a good day. Or leave, in the case of Michaels. Maybe leave and write a letter.

    Having an occasional cranky day is not an awful thing. Sometimes you’ve been nice too long and let too many small irritations build up. They need to get out. So the next small thing really gets it. Does that make sense? Maybe you’re being too nice the rest of the time and letting crap build up on you. I dunnoh. I know that’s what happens to me, sometimes.

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    1. Both the dentist and Michaels were so annoying, but I’m letting them slide. With michaels, I’m just not going to take any more classes there. But I think I get too hard on myself when I’m having a cranky day. Sometimes I just have to go with it


  14. I believe you have every right to refuse to give personal information, such as SS# to your dentist. They cannot require it. There are also some legal issues in many states about businesses keeping credit card information on file–I believe your dentist is in violation there, too. Just because they clean your kid’s teeth, they cannot demand personal information or violate your privacy. Sounds to me like a new office manager is acting out of ignorance. Time to educate your dentist … kindly, of course.

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  15. I feel I’ve been nice my whole life so it’s my turn to be bitchy. Damn menopause. That’s really something I need help with as well. I try not to be bitchy but sometimes it only takes one little thing and one second and I’m mad. When I’m in one of these moments I try to take a step back and breathe. I ask myself. In the grand scheme of things is this worth getting mad about? What is my anger accomplishing? I doesn’t alway help but I makes me thimk.

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  16. I must have had grumpy days over the years but probably not for as long as I’ve been writing and blogging. That;s because I made the conscious decision always to look for the humour in a situation so I could hopefully exploit it and if the situation lacked humour then no harm in giving it some.
    For instance, had I witnessed your rant at the dentist’s, I may well have said I overheard you ask why the dentist required your bra size on file or the name of your next of kin and your hairdresser.
    Thinking about humour makes it much easier to escape any of the bad feelings we’re having.
    If you push your bed to a wall, you can only ever get out the right side.
    Huge Hugs and better days.

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  17. There are totally days I’m just in a cranky mood, mine are often related to sensory or pain influences beyond my control (which makes me feel powerless which in turn makes me cranky). Sometimes simply recognizing and labeling it helps me out, also allows me to give those in my life warning “this isn’t about you, I apologize in advance” as on cranky days I sometimes will blow something way out of proportion, and I know that about myself. And giving myself permission to just have a shit day is often the biggest thing. We all have them. Just let it be. Do what has to be done, and shelve everything else to another day. Usually my husband recognizes the ‘I didn’t eat’ component that often happens as on bad pain/sensory days and shoves food at me, which I argue with him about then give in (he is a very dear and patient soul for not just throwing his hands in the air and going ‘fine! don’t eat you grouch!’ at such times) and gee 20min later I feel so much better, look at that LOL. Sorry to hear you had a grouch day last week.

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  18. Bummer about your Michael’s experience (since I work there I don’t want anyone to have a bad experience). At our store we have an art class but it is not free and the artist knows what he’s talking about. Some of the free classes are run by regular staffers like me and truthfully, if they had me run a class on art I wouldn’t know it either. We just had some kind of big promotional push for class sign ups but since I am just seasonal and part time, I wasn’t involved. As for the dentist office, I so totally understand about having to fill out things every six months but, having worked in a medical office for most of my career, you’d be surprised at how many people move, change jobs or insurance companies that frequently but then forget when asked “has anything changed?” because it’s been a while since they were there or because the doctor’s office has changed its computer software and has to input all the information over again. Feel free to rant though because it helps to get it out there! I’ve been known to rant occasionally myself.

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    1. They should give you the “anything changed” option first….I would think it would be much easier!! The worst part of the michaels experience was that the class, though free, was taught by the same woman who teaches the pay classes. I’d never pay for a class . It left me with a sour taste

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  19. I’m very glad to meet you. I wish I could say I don’t have many cranky days or that nothing much gets my goad – not so. Usually my bouts are short lived, but I notice they seem to vanish forever after sharing with a friend. You seem to have generated a lovely group here. I look forward to visiting often. Signed, your new friend, Roo.

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  20. When I started my blog I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t write about three things: (1) blogging, (2), politics, and (3) what I term as “grumpy old man” observations (read: Andy Rooney). I’ve pretty much stayed away from numbers 1 and 3, and I try my best to limit how often I write about politics. But man-oh-man, do I ever get the urge to go on a full rant about regular daily or weekly experiences. I don’t ever do it because I fear it’ll become a Lay’s potato chip phenomenon for me — I won’t be able to settle for just one post, and I’ll keep doing it.

    So the way I compensate is to read other bloggers who might go on an occasional rant. I can sit in my chair and get a full indignation going (such as with the inane request you had for the Social Security number) and scream, “Yeah, exactly!” So rant away. I’ll live vicariously through yours. 🙂 – Marty

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  21. Everyone is entitled to a bad day here and there. Life is freaking frustrating at times. People are freaking frustrating at times. I try to remind myself to “Take advantage of the good days and just do whatever I can to survive the bad ones.” If I’m having a bad-mood day I usually just warn those close to me (or those in which I must encounter frequently throughout the day). I’m having a bad day so be careful not to flip the switch (B-Switch). PSA: Yes, there are situations that entitle you to activate the full-on B-Mode! The sun will shine again tomorrow.

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  22. Hormones. Nothing can be done about it. Somedays it is just better to hide from the world. Eat a lot of chocolate (dark chocolate of course so it is healthy) and take a nap. Drink a mug of tea and gaze out the window. Avoid people if at all possible. Somedays just realizing it is a physical thing and that you are not going crazy is enough to make interactions bearable. Happens to me all the time and once I remember what is going on with my body I calm down.

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  23. I think that the class at Michael’s sounded very stupid, in that 1) don’t they want you to buy the stuff? and 2) why have an ‘instructor’ who is as clueless, or more clueless, than the people who just walked in?

    I became many times grumpier the more I have been alive. I try to be courteous to folks, but I don’t take crap from them. It makes no sense to me that dentists etc. do not just give you maybe a copy of your old form and say to correct anything that has changed like address or insurance. Otherwise it seems wasteful, plus impractical for them to put ijnto their computer. OH well.

    Good luck with being as nice as is helpful to the folks you deal with–compassion is great, and yet ‘idiot compassion’, of being a pushover and never sticking up for your rights or for common sense, is not useful to them or to us.

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  24. I get days when I am just down about my life, I write a few sentences about it in my daily journal and move on. I am one of those people who go the other way to be overly nice to people like the receptionist at your dentist because I have been on the other side, having to uphold a policy that I had no part in making. On the other hand if I find someone in a service position who is not even trying or just being rude and stupid watch out! My mother always used to say there is no reason for bad behavior but sometimes there is. Don’t make excuses for a mood, we all have them and we have a right to have them.

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  25. I’m sorry you had a bad day. But bad days happen. Sometimes you embrace them and hang on for the wild ride & sometimes you hide and wait for them to pass. When I’m having a bad day, I try to take a few deep breaths, take stock of the situation and the day, and depending on what’s ahead, I just soldier through. But if the rest of the day isn’t necessary, I’ve been known to call it a day, go home to my book, my tunes, and a nap.

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  26. I hear you. I actually have levels of cranky. Some I can breath through, some I find smiling and being extra nice helps, but mostly I rant, argue am intolerant and then have to say lots of sorrys!. Two in one day would have got the rants.

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  27. my daughter is excited about her first dentist’s appointment – she’s five and can’t remember her check up about a year ago.
    as i was the one who brushed her teeth then, everything was fine. but now she’s responsible for her teeth, so we’ll see how exciting next week will be.

    and by the way, i nominated you for the awesome blogger award. i’d like to read your answers if you have time.

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  28. I am with Cozynookbks on the hormonal imbalances being the problem. I can also wake up in a hateful mood and don’t really know why. On days like this I try to keep reminding myself ‘be nice it’s not their fault’ I also find that some days the house could fall down around me and I would just think ‘oh well, it’s happen’ and other days I can go into a rage/floods of tears because I can’t find a teaspoon 😏

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  29. I agree with you about the questionnaire. I just went to my OB_GYN and had to fill out so many forms, including one on diseases in our family that would prompt the need for genetic testing. How do I handle crappy moods? A long hike with my dog usually works. Someone called it “Nature’s Prozac” and I agree.

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