My Husband got tickets to a hockey game.  Now you know I love going to a live event, so this should be a good thing, but….well….things happen.

First off, let me start off with the fact that it was the Rangers vs Islanders.  These are both New York teams.  There has been a heated rivalry between these two since hockey expanded and the Isles began playing in Nassau County.  My Husband and Daughter, both born in the city (albeit different boroughs) are rabid Ranger fans.  Growing up 10 miles from the Nassau Coliseum, I grew up a fan of the Islanders.  I remember when Islander fans would taunt the opposition with “1940” because the Rangers had a long draught before winning the Stanley Cup in 1994.  The Ranger fans would yell back “Potvin Sucks” , a taunt on the star defense player in the Isles heyday in the 80’s.  Though I no longer actively watch hockey, there was no way I could actually root for the Rangers.  Hmmm.  I was going to be sitting in between two people wearing Ranger Blue…..

Then the Facebook post.  I took a cute shot of my daughter in her Ranger jersey and posted it.  Boy, the grief I got from my Mother and Sister and one of my hockey friends from back in the day……I actually had to explain the fact that yes, my daughter was a fan of the Rangers.

Next drama.  The week before the game, a friend of my Husband was supposed to be having a birthday party for his girlfriend.  Due to a plumbing emergency, the party got postponed to the same time and day as out hockey game.   My husband told his friend that we couldn’t go to the party- we had game tickets.  The guy was actually mad that we chose the game over the birthday party.  Now some might disagree with me- but I don’t ever make people feel bad if they can’t do something I invited them to.

Now to the last drama, which is why I am glad I am not a teenage girl.  We had one extra ticket and we told my daughter to invite a friend.  Now by the unwritten rules of being a girl in high school in 2018 in NYC, apparently, my daughter is only “allowed” to invite her BFF since 5th grade, or her BF from 7th grade.  When neither of these girls were able to make the game, my daughter “couldn’t” invite anyone else.  Could not invite anyone else, cause apparently, everyone else is a package deal of sorts.  If she invites S, N will get mad.  If she invites N, S will get mad.  If she invites M, both N and S will get mad.  And so on.  And so on.  And so on.  Being a teen is tiring.  How do you remember all your assignments and the rules of civility regarding the teenage social infrastructure?  How do spend your time worrying about whose feelings are likely to be hurt in any given scenario and study for the physics mid term?

And at the end of the day, my Husband invited one of his friends to the game.  the Islanders crushed the Rangers, I think 7-2.  I believe my Husband’s friend has forgiven him.  Social order in the teenage realm is status quo.

But boy, was there a lot of angst in my household over one hockey game.

35 thoughts on “It Was Just a Hockey Game

  1. That is hilarious! Except for your teenaged daughter and her own private angst. We live in Texas and a few years ago we followed hockey when the Stars had the greats like Derian Hatcher and Mike Modano. We got to meet them and other team members on several occasions, which was cool, but here there is no rivalry like you guys have…probably because the idea of Texas having ice hockey in a state that rarely gets ice is not as popular as it is up north, lol. Anyway, I hope you had fun in spite of all the drama! 🙂

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  2. I understand your daughter’s dilemma. Years ago, my nephew invited two friends to a basketball game and my sister got an irate call from one of his friend’s mothers asking why her son was not included. So you (and she) probably avoided drama over that. And in a sea of Patriots fans, I still root for the Giants.

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  3. Husband #2 was (and still is) a rabid Minnesota Vikings fan — I’ve been a lifelong Chicago Bears fan. One daughter roots for the Vikings, one for the Bears. He’s partial to the Chicago White Sox, I’m a Cubbie fan. I believe my daughters are split on baseball too. The only major sport we all agree on is hockey —- Chicago Blackhawks!! Believe me, we’ve had more fun giving each other (good-natured) grief over the years. Especially football season ….

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  4. Well for crying out loud. Hockey! lol…I’m not only a hockey mom but live in a city that is hockey crazy and if there’s a game on tv of our home team (Maple Leafs) well then it’ll be on tv come hell or high water.

    In the meantime, we’re days away from our own PeeWee hockey player playoffs…blah. Brace yourself for some hockey post where I pour my heart out…because playoffs also means plans for the future, scouts in the arena, and all kinds of drama.

    Just what I need more of. 🙄

    But what really interested me in your post was the teen girl social infrastructure. LOL My tweenie has the beginnings of this happening, but so far, it’s not been too much of an issue. Grade 5 really is more of a ‘still mostly in childhood’ age, although some girls certainly are crossing into the teen world earlier than others, and some of that type of conversation has already begun.

    Agreed, so happy I’m not a teen girl anymore! 🙂

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  5. Must be in the air. I just had me a lovely, drama-filled, family Facebook, you got to be serious, get a grip, posting week. It’s exhausting! It amazes me how people can turn something so simple into something so drama filled. By the way, Ranger’s fan here. My husband is an avid hockey fan. Although his favorite team has always been the NJ Devils. Where do I pay my penance?

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  6. Isnt it funny to are all of these stupid rules are imposed upon us? I am a steelers fan in a cheesehead state. You would think I stole someone’s first born child the way some people at work act when I wear my steelers clothes. It is just a game which the boys get paid way too much for playing.

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  7. My daughter would not have both of her best friends over to swim over the summer because the one girl hates water. When I mentioned she could just invite the other one, she nearly bit my head off. She would NOT have one over without the other because she refused to make the non-swimming girl feel bad. In the end, she decided to just not have anyone over at all over the summer. I get it, though. She truly has a huge heart and refuses to ever do anything to hurt someone’s feelings when she is able to choose.

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  8. Well… I suppose there’s at least some glimmer of good in that your daughter is comfortable enough in explaining the dynamics to you? I remember when my sibs and I were growing up, we NEVER shared any of our stories about friends with my parents. Any drama we had with friends was never disclosed. I can’t even recall why! – Marty

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  9. I’m an Oregon Ducks fan. I can admit that it’s because my ex husband is a dyed in the wool rabid Ducks fan and I could never be anything else. My son is an Oregon Beaver fan. I think its because their colors are black and orange. One day there was an argument about whose team was better. That’s when I decided that MY house is Switzerland. Now we have decided that this house roots for platypuses because a platypus is a mix of ducks and beavers.

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