I’m still a bit giddy from the holiday season.  I was going to write something thought provoking today, but I thought- why start now…..So here is a little compilation of my holiday memories.  In no particular order:

  1. One of my favorite Christmas Movies is the 1951 version of “A Christmas Carol” directed by Brian Hurst, starring Alistair Sim.  This year, The Morgan Library ran a showing of it.  The Morgan Library also has a first edition of “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens on display.  I enjoyed going to this event this year, especially as this version of the story was not shown on TV this year.  (in my neck of the woods anyway)
  2. We saw Pentatonix live at the Beacon Theater in NYC.  They are just amazing.  Absolutely spectacular show.  Thrilled that we got to see them live.
  3. Holiday decorations.  The past few days I displayed photos of my window shopping along 5th and 6th Avenues.  While there were many wonderful decorations, Saks Fifth Avenue based their windows on Snow White, as it is the 80th anniversary.  Love Snow White.  Love the windows.  Perfect.  Saks won holiday decorations.
  4. I did most of my shopping online this year.  I never thought I would say it, but there you have it.  Great prices and free shipping made it hard not to partake.
  5. I’ve been thinking about this 3 gift thing that many people are embracing (or say they are embracing)  The theory is you gift someone 3 gifts:  one they want, one they need, and one they read.  As someone trying to embrace a minimalist lifestyle, I think this is wonderful.  As someone who likes to give her daughter lots of gifts I do not.  I find it hard to not shower my kid with gifts, especially while she is young.  I will also add that my kid did receive 3 books (one of which was an AP review guide), new sneakers (needed) and a few practical items.  She did receive her big “want” which was a small photo printer.  I can’t reconcile my need to downsize with my need to see my kid open things.  I don’t know if I actually care.
  6. Spending two days with my parents is trying.   I always wonder why I’m just a tad “off”, and then I spend time with them and I wonder how I am so “normal”.  Seriously- the sheer fact that I am able to function is a testament to my Darwinian need to survive and adapt.  My Mother is just…..too complex to discuss in this post.
  7. The best party I attended this year was hosted by some accounting organization.  I know- accountants can party.  Shocked I tell you.  Shocked.
  8. I received 38 holiday cards this year.  34 of them contained a picture.  The 4 without a picture were sent by my parents, building staff, dentist and one cousin.  My conclusion is, once someone’s children reach the age of 18, they no longer send out cards.  By this calculation, we will stop receiving cards within the next 10 years.
  9. I enjoy holiday shopping in the little markets that open up around NYC every holiday season, but as stated, I don’t like shopping in stores.  Chaos and disorganization reign in stores.  Yuck.
  10. I managed to not gain any weight over the season.  Nor did I lose any.  This was my goal- to maintain my weight loss.  I love food, and the things served this time of year.  I knew that I needed to indulge a little.
  11. Having a cold in the middle of the season was hideous.  Am going to take better care of myself next year.

And there you have it.  i wasn’t in the mood to write a thought provoking post, but this recap of my season took twice as long to write as a regular post.  I think I’m still tired.  this Christmas Day on a Monday thing just threw me off.  I kept thinking that Christmas should have been on Sunday.  Guess I will feel same way next week with New Year’s.

Only two more parties!!!!

25 thoughts on “Holiday Round Up

  1. Merry Christmas! It was a quiet one here. Teen son happy. Husband cooking up a storm:) I do miss company&other parties. It was a time to let your hair down . We’d crack each other up by exclaiming,”So thats what you look like in clothes!”No we didn’t work a strip club-we wore sweaty hot polyester uniforms at a fast food joint. Wearing street clothes was a new way of seeing co-workers.
    You maintained your wt. loss-yay!hurrah!I’ll be thinking of your victory as I walk myself up the road. Got an armband holder for phone even. Going to catch up on my podcast listening.
    I killed my blog”A Year in Books”.Going to try blogging again. As soon as I figure out a focus.
    Frito pie tonight for dinner-if your around come have some. Everything but the fritos home made!

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    1. Ok. Love Fritz pie. There’s this place in the city that makes it and my daughter and I go every year on last day of school. Don’t know how authentic but it’s yummy!! You should definitely blog again!! And armband sounds perfect! I usually just hold my iPod when I work out, but it’s annoying!!


  2. I saw Pentatonix two years ago, they were amazing!!
    I also really like your three gift rule. It would be really hard to implement but I’d love to cut down on gifts as well as get a book! Although I always receive lots of books…lol.

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  3. I’m glad you had a good Christmas and I feel ya about your home situation;)
    We do a White Elephant gift exchange at my mother-in-law’s and everyone has always been fine with that. This year we tried to cut down the gift giving in my own family by doing a Secret Santa but my oldest son could not stand it and chose to give everyone gifts anyway. I cannot explain to him (because my mother spoiled him rotten when she was alive) that just being with family is enough, yet I understand that it gives him joy to give gifts. Oh well, it was still a very good Christmas!

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  4. Love Pentatonix, would love to see them live. I am getting back to the gift rule 1 that you want, 1 you need, 1 you wear and one you read. Lot closer this year and actually achieved it with most. My married daughter and her husband get a group gift also. Stores are busy, chaotic and messy because management thinks they can do okay with a smaller payroll, little do they know it stresses out customers as well as employees.

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  5. I am totally against the 3 gift trend. I think it is wrong to get someone something they “need” like giving your kids new socks or underwear or jammies unless they have asked for specific ones. I have four little grands and their parents have asked us to please limit the kids gifts to three (but we can buy the parents as many as we want) and same with birthdays but as a gramma who is allowed ONLY to buy her grands gifts on those two occasions, I pack as many wrapped gifts into three wrapped boxes as I feel I can “get away” with. I understand their thinking…four kids under 8 makes for a whole lotta messes but I always tell them that the kids can bring any toys that mom and dad don’t want them to have over to my house (I am also not supposed to buy them things for our house without getting parental approval….so many rules for this rebel gramma to adhere to). Life is too short and too cruel to not let kids have lots of gifts at Christmas and birthdays and to look forward to those days. (Today was the day hubs and I were supposed to go celebrate Christmas with grands but daughter called early this morning and said they have the stomach flu so we have to postpone it until next week….argh….)

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