I am having massive computer problems today!  The upside is, I’ve had time to start to catch up on blogs that I haven’t read.  The bad news is, the post I intended to write today is pushed off till tomorrow because I can’t write on my phone or iPad.  That’s just one of my many weirdisms.  So today, I share a picture of one of our tree ornaments.   Our Christmas tree is filled with cats and dogs, because I kind if love them.   My day will get better though because I get to meet up with one of my favorite people today, and that’s my other favorite thing about the holidays….getting a chance to see my friends!!

Till tomorrow!

24 thoughts on “One of those days!

    1. 😉. I started to blog, and I noticed the “draft not saved” thing as I was typing, so I checked internet connection, which was non existent. I knew the internet was working, so I started poking around, and let’s just say I started trying to fix it at 7, and it’s still not done updating, rebooting and all the other stuff, and it’s only at 5% finished, so I know it’s toast for the day. Figure tomorrow is indeed another day!!

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  1. My computer isn’t working either, saying internet not connected even though my WiFi is! Some things I have to do on the computer and those things I gave up n today, but I can write and or voice dictate what I want written on my iPad.

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