I’m back!!  Sort of!!

I had a horrible cold last week.  No, not the flu that is invading New York right now, but an icky cold none the less.  My goal was to prevent it from blossoming into the dreaded flu.  I had a stuffy nose and red eyes, achy joints and general tiredness.  My normally high voice had the dulcet tones of Demi Moore- I like the sexy voice, but hate the reason behind it.  It was also a bit chilly in NYC last week- temperatures hovered in the twenties.  Did I mention how I hate the cold?

It’s never fun to be sick.  But it really stinks this time of year because there is just so much to do.  While attempting to rest I was trying to keep track of Christmas and Hanukkah.  I was trying not to strangle my Mother over food options for the holiday.  On a side note, I love food, but I don’t really care that much about what gets eaten on a holiday.  To me a holiday is about getting together with family.  The minute the meal becomes more important is the minute you lose me.  My mother is also a control freak.  The meal is at my house yet she is still dictating what we will eat.  This is driving me a little bit crazy.  OK.  Not a little bit.  It is driving me full on batshit nuts.  She may not survive the holidays and you all may be bailing me out.  And remember this- I admit I am a control freak-I own it.  Imagine dealing with a HUGE control freak who will not admit to being a control freak, and who thinks they are the most laid back person in the world.  Good times.  I am so annoyed with my Mother right now I would like to cancel Christmas with her and I know there will be a fight between now and Sunday.  I’m irrational about it as we speak, and I don’t think any amount of deep breathing or meditation is going to calm me down.  Even writing this is making me more incensed…..so I think it’s time to move on.

The other really bad thing about being sick in the middle of December is the sheer number of commitments that you have.  I am not a particularly social person, and even I’m inundated with invites.  While trying to hash out my cold, I had two dinners and two parties to attend.  Plus two school obligations that I really needed to be at. And two lunches. All in 4 days, so those of you doing the math realize that I had multiple commitments sometimes. Oh, and my Husbands birthday was right smack in the middle of that.  Add on his mini celebration too.   The days leading to January 2 will be much the same.  Living is a remote cabin in the woods with no internet connection is starting to look good right now.

Did I get any writing done?  No.  I had not a creative bone in my body.  Did I read anything?  Nope.  My eyes were irritated and if I sat down with any material I promptly fell asleep.  Did I scratch anything off my to do list?  Absolutely not.  I think I have about 1000 things to get done.  My house is a disaster area.  Have I been to the gym?  No.  Walking across my apartment was a travail.

So today is one of catch up.  I will work my way through my list.  I will try not to yell at my Mother.  I will try to settle in and read and write a bit.  I will exercise  my poor tired body.

And I promise tomorrows post will be more fun and interesting!!

33 thoughts on “On the Upswing

  1. I feel ya girl! Recovering from my neck surgery is a pain too (pun intended) and I’ve had to sit in a recliner doped up on pain meds since Thursday. I’m trying to make it without any today… let’s see how long I can go. Sorry, you’ve been sick, hope you’re on the mend soon. Happy Holidays!

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  2. Hope you’re on the mend. My sister was down and out with a flu(?) and horrible lung-wracking cough this past week. She finally went to Urgent Care for some meds including cough syrup with codeine. She’s also on the upswing, but I’m not sure if she will be able to handle a day at work yet.

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  3. Hang in there! Hope you keep getting better and that things get easier with your Mom!!
    Sounds like you could use a good laugh. If you read my post on the 16th ,it’s called “Surprises” , you will get some smiles, but the big laugh is the poem written in the comments! Enjoy! Humor is the best medicine!

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  4. I feel your pain! We have been crazy busy too…No time to write…I am also hosting Christmas and find it irritating when people tell me what time I should have the party, etc… I think if you are willing to cook, clean, and host it, you should have control over all of that stuff or someone else can do all of the work. It has been a rather sore spot for me as well. ‘Tis the season..Let the insanity begin, or continue….Hang in there!!

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  5. I get the control freak thing. I have long since stopped trying to control the tendency(of mine) I also used to just tell my mother or mother in law that they could bring one or two items, their choice. It usually wouldn’t fit in but they felt better. Sorry you had a bad cold, but it makes me feel better that you are not as organized as I pictured you.

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  6. You poor thing!! Getting a cold is awful in the best of times, but especially bad during December. I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better, and hope you make it through Christmas without killing your mother. (Just keep taking deep breaths and repeating “I really don’t want to spend New Year’s Day in jail. I really don’t want to spend New Year’s Day in jail.”) One way or another, you will get through all of it!

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    1. Thank you for kind words and helpful affirmations!! Today is first day I totally feel human again!! I did get a voicemail from my mother asking if I was going to purchase the ingredients for Christmas dinner. Because, you know, it wouldn’t occur to me to shop before the holiday


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