Ok.  I know none of you are surprised that I love the holidays and that we have some traditions in our household.  But here’s a little roundup of what we do.

We are a multi religious household.  I am somewhat Catholic and my Husband is somewhat Jewish.  This makes my daughter culturally religious.  We celebrate both Catholic and Jewish holidays.

  1. Hanukkah.  We light candles and give presents and eat little bits of chocolate “gelt”.  As last night was the first night, I say Happy Hanukkah to all!
  2. We have a Christmas Tree.  We get a small (about 5 feet) real tree.  There was a shortage this year, so most of the tree vendors that come down for the holiday were not here.  Luckily, my local corner store sells trees.  I like a real tree cause of the smell.  I also do not have room to store an artificial tree.
  3. Gingerbread house.  My daughter and I decorate one every year .  When she was little we did the graham crackers on milk carton variety.  Then we bought the kits where you build a house.  We now buy a pre-assembled one.  So much easier.  But we love to decorate them.  Not well- we are not particularly creative, but it’s fun.
  4. Holiday show.  every year we go to a holiday themed show.  In the past we have seen The Nutcracker, A Christmas Story and It’s a Wonderful Life done live on stage (it was done as a radio broadcast)  This year we will be seeing Pentatonix.
  5. Seasonal City Decorations.  NYC is a great place to see holiday decorations.  One night we go to see what we consider our favorites.  the windows of Bergdorf Goodman, Lord and Taylor and Saks Fifth Avenue.  The Tree at Rockefeller Center.  The brightly lit stores on Fifth Avenue, including the big light bow outside of Cartier.  Big festive recreations of holiday string lights on 6th ave.  The little tree and Menorah at Madison Square Park.  The copy of A Christmas Carol at the Morgan Library.  My favorite though, is the baroque tree at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  It’s just beautiful.
  6. Christmas Cards.  I still send out cards with pictures of my daughter and pets.  We display the cards that we receive.  I like it- it makes me feel good.
  7. Holiday movies.  It’s a Wonderful Life.  Miracle on 34th Street.  A Christmas Carol.  Santa Claus id Coming to Town, The Grinch, A Christmas Story.  These make me smile and feel good.
  8. Presents.  enough said.
  9. Christamas Carols.  Lots of them.

I’m sure we have more, but I have a bit of a cold, so my mind is muddled.  I’m now going to drink hot tea, and get under a blanket for a bit.  It’s a bit chilly in NYC, I have things that must get done in a bit, but right now, I must try to let the cold medicine work a little.

Cheers to all!!

30 thoughts on “Holiday Traditions

  1. We were happy to see some of the decorations were up already when we were in New York before Thanksgiving. We’ve been spending a lot of time watching Christmas movies this year. I guess I will have to record them all next year to watch when my daughter comes home from college.

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  2. My oldest daughter has inherited a lot of the families old decorations. It’s been fun to see her carry on some of the traditions she grew up with now, with her own daughters.

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  3. Well Happy Hanukkah back, as SNZ here celebrates the lighting of the candles, where I’m a nominal Anglican who pours the booze in firm believe that where Episcopalians gather there should always be a fifth. And we tree and tinsel, and bathos and pathos, and gift exchange on the Eve so as to better hop in the jalopy come early Christmas morning to celibate the deserted streets and peaceful quiet that descends on Chicago for just a few hours.

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  4. I love family traditions. I love driving around town and looking at decorations. I usually don’t put up a tree because of all the hours my husband and I work. This year I got a bug up my butt and put up the tree and decorated the house. My husband asked me if I fell and hit my head. 😁 I would love to be in NYC at this time of the year. It sounds wonderful.

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  5. Pentatonix! I’d like to see them, but by the time they get to the heartland they’ll be grandparents and I’ll be sporting a hearing aid. Thus I shall enjoy them vicariously via your experience. Have a happy!

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  6. I must ask…has the terrorist attacks in NYC caused you to change your way of doing anything? Are you nervous now going to places? Are you constantly looking around to see if anything looks amiss? Or do you feel safer nowadays since there must be more security in the famous places? I am pretty sure the fear of “what could” happen would make me even more socially introverted!

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    1. Honestly…you’ve given me a blog idea, so this week I will post more fully, but no. I haven’t changed my routines. I’m just a little more cautious now. I look around, I pay attention. If something’s doesn’t “feel” right I go with my instinct. I try to be as normal as possible

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  7. Manhattan loves Christmas like really no other place. My wife and I each do a Chanukah/Christmas hybrid holiday, though we haven’t yet gotten a tree (the kittens would probably trash it). Maybe next year. Faith is what you make it. – Marty

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  8. Sound like great traditions to me! I still love to send and receive Christmas cards, too, but each year it seems that fewer people are doing that. I think Christmas cards is a dying tradition, but it is one that I will miss when it’s gone!

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