I think you guys might know I’m sort of having a love affair with Stitchfix (for the record I am receiving no compensation from them, though given the amount of time I talk about them I probably should)  For the uninitiated, Stitchfix is the perfect solution to either someone who doesn’t like to shop, or someone who doesn’t really know how to make the most of their wardrobe.  You fill out a very detailed questionnaire, and then they send you five items of clothing/accessories whenever you schedule it.  I think it’s brilliant.

I have now done two boxes, and will get delivery of my next box sometime at the end of the month.  I have been extremely fortunate in that every thing the stylist has sent me has been something I really liked (or loved) and was a great piece for my wardrobe.  The fit has also been spot on.  This amazes me- how they could find me black jeans better than I have bought myself is shocking to me.

Here’s the catch.  I was brutally honest when I filled out the questionnaire.  I gave my actual weight and body type.  I explained the “flaws” and how I try to correct them.  (my fatal flaw is being short waisted.  My ribs end and my hips begin, so I can really look like I have no waist.  I choose things that elongate me, and give me the appearance of curves.  I also have nice legs and arms, so I tend to wear clothes that highlight one of these areas.  I like knowing my strengths and weaknesses, so to speak.

But, even though I don’t really know how to be stylish, I know what my style is.  I like classic clothes in neutral colors (who am I kidding- I wear black and grey, with sometimes white or pink). I like clothes with simple lines and not a great deal of fuss.  My favorite look this season has been black faux leather trimmed leggings, a long black tunic/t shirt and a knee length grey cardigan with either black suede sneakers or black booties.  Big necklace, big stud earrings.   I am not girly.  I am not boho.  I am not dramatic.  I am simple….I do like a fun accessory, funky necklace or shoe, and I am willing to try a trend.  (I went to a party the other night sporting a pale pink shimmery shirt with those little flutter like sleeves that are so popular now.  I felt a little fun and different)

Ok- I’ve given you details and description (i’m learning that my novel is lacking this, so, lucky you, I am practicing with you)

But where am I going?

One of my really close friends tried Stitchfix.  She HATED it.  Absolutely hated it.


Because she has absolutely no idea what her style is.  None at all.  She insists to me that she is like me, classic and simple.  I’ve know her for 25 years.  She is not classic and far from simple.  She loves color- her closet is a rainbow.  She loves florals and flowing tops.  She leans towards peasant, boho styles in whatever she chooses.  yet, if you ask her, she will tell you that the last thing she is is Bohemian.  She literally said that to me.  When I asked her what style she is, I gave her a list of choices, and the only clear thing she said was that she is NOT BOHO.

Why is this important?

Take a look at yourself in the mirror.  Accept who you are.  Who you actually are, not the person you are in your mind.  I think people get into problems when the outer you, the you that you represent to the world is not in sync with what’s really going on in your head.  The outer you and the inner you need to match.   Outer and Inner need to come to some sort of agreement.  If they are always battling, you, as a person, are never going to be happy.

Don’t try to be something you’re not.  Be who you are.  And don’t let a spouse, a friend or a parent sway you as to who you really are.  My Mother will often buy me clothes.  In theory this is nice.  In reality, she is buying things that she thinks I should wear, the style she thinks I should be.  I’m 53, and my Mother is still trying to dictate who I am.  Don’t get caught in this.  Be who you are. (FYI- who you are can change.  It is ok to be punk when you’re 30, and boho when you’re 35- that’s just evolving- nothing wrong with that at all as long as you are true to yourself and not trying to morph into someone else’s ideal)

So here’s the takeaway:

  1. I love having someone else pick out my clothes and curate my wardrobe for me
  2. I know who I am and am happy with who I am
  3. Figure out who you are and run with it.  you will be an awesome you!!




48 thoughts on “You’ve Got Style

  1. I’ve reached an age where I’m ok with my insides matching my outsides. While 1w step recovery has brought me a great deal of serenity, in still very cynical about the future and I’m also still a very human wreck inside😉. I’m grateful that I’ve reached such a point where I believe that our very human messiness makes us more interesting as a species. I’m glad you’re enjoying your stichfix experience! I’m so weird that I don’t know if I could be as pleased LOL

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  2. What a great service! I had not heard of this before. I hate shopping and really suck at it. I am short so every sales person wants to stick me in heels, so practical for running and rock climbing! I finally bit the style bullet and hired a personal shopper. It’s great! She listened to my personal story and goals then went to several stores ahead of time and stocked the dressing rooms with options. All I had to do was head to the back of the store and try things on! She helped me put together outfits and colors that worked with red hair and white skin 🙂 This is a pricey endeavor to be sure, but it worked for me.
    I would have tried stitch fix first if I had heard of it first! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

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  3. Great post!! I love Stitchfix, and love to shop. What I loved about it was going out of my comfort zone and trying new styles. I wanted to do it monthly but my budget states otherwise.

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  4. A stylish life lesson!! ❤️

    Also, I’ve been meaning to try Stitchfit but always thought it would break the bank. I’m only a couple years out of college. But I loooooove looking at their stuff on Pinterest! 😉

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  5. I can’t imagine what a service would try to dress me in! I’m SO FUSSY… and pretty quirky in my choices. But now you’ve got me wondering… thanks for this informative post, and I’m glad you’re feeling good about yourself, that’s a great way to start a new year : ) G

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    1. I actually so picky that my husband and daughter don’t buy me gifts unless they’ve heard me say that it is exactly what I want, so I’m actually shocke$ that I’m liking the clothes and stuff. At the root is an algorithm, and then an actual person whittles it down. I think the combo of science and humanity is a great match here.

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  6. This is incredible. I just ordered a stitch fix box in the wee hours today. The style questionnaire is very detailed. I think you’re right about being true to yourself. I tried to let them know as much as I could about my true figure so they will get the box just right for me. We shall see, but I have to admit it’s a fun and interesting idea. I’m in anxious suspense over what they will choose for me.

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  7. I know my style and I know what colors look great on me, but trying to find anything that allows me to incorporate both of those variables is nearly impossible. I have a very low opinion of the clothing/fashion world– and I hate shopping… so Stitchfix might be an idea… I guess.

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  8. I’m glad you are happy with Stitchfix, maybe I will even try it out myself…but I am sure I would totally confuse them. I love the punk style…it is so me even at 43. I love, love, love boho…even though I am not a go with the flow, calm, and relaxed person…I like to dress like I am. But mainly, I run around (literally) in athletic clothes. Is there a style for that?? Confused perhaps??

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  9. I think knowing, and accepting, who we are is an essential ingredient for happiness, and not at all limited to our wardrobe choices! Every single time I’ve tried to mold myself into someone else’s expectations (and I’ve done that far too often), it has ended in failure. But when I am simply myself and realize that it “good enough” then things go far more smoothly!


  10. I like all gray tones. Darker now in the cooler months, but in the spring I like the lavenders, the steely blues…

    Comfort is huge. Style is less important but not last on my list. I enjoy jewellery but wish I had more occasion to wear it. 🙂

    Then my 10yo girl child showed up this morning with her donut tights. Literally tights with pictures of donuts of every colour. She looked like a bakery display. It’s a fun article of clothing for her to wear, and I approve (not that she needs my approval) but she combined it with a plain long-sleeved top grey in colour (fine) and….AND….a jacket in leopard print.


    I cringe now at how I reacted. I subtly suggested that maybe wearing a busy pattern on the bottom and a different busy pattern on the top is a little bit too busy, and she hesitatingly took off the jacket (which was really thin material and it’s minus a gazillion degrees out so it wasn’t really weather appropriate either even for indoors) but…Your post reminded me to let her be.

    Even if she’s wearing that. 🙂

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    1. You have to love kids! My daughter would come out in things…..my kid was big on accessories…she would go to pre k with silk scarves and sunglasses and the whole Hollywood starlet thing…..yeah….let them have fun and wear what they want, who knows. Maybe your kid will be a fashion designer one day!

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  11. Hello! Came across your post! Glad to hear other people are having a good experience with it too. I got my first box and wasn’t sure how it would turn out. But ended up loving all 5 pieces and kept all of it!:) Also, my jeans experience with then was spot on! Really good service and glad I don’t have to go shopping for clothes!!😊

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