My Daughter and I went shopping the other day.  Our intention wasn’t to buy things though, we sometimes like to just see what’s out there.  During the holiday season, a bunch of little outdoor markets open up.  They set up a bunch of stalls, and different artisans come and ply their wares.  There is usually a lot of cool handmade jewelry, a plethora of hats and gloves.  There are organic beauty products, and organic anything.  I think the word organic is the greatest marketing tool ever- how can a pen be organic?  We love to see the slightly unusual products- this year our favorite was the slightly S&M candles that creates a lotion from the dripping warm wax.  It smelled good.  There is usually a fair amount of upcycling, jewelry made from coins, hats made from socks (though I really question whether I want to wear upcycled socks on my head)

Along with the quaint holiday village, we also visited a very upscale mall.  Now a mall in Manhattan is not quite like a mall in the suburbs- there is no Cinnabon.  But there is Coach and Michael Kors.  There are also two of the most expensive restaurants in the city, where I believe the tasting menu starts at 500$ a plate.  Needless to say, these stores are beautiful to look at, especially all decked out with twinkles.

Now, in this mall there is an Amazon book store.  I know, I know- Amazon has no right opening a brick and mortar, especially in about the same location as Borders used to stand.  My daughter looked aghast when I said I wanted to walk in.  What? That bookstore?  She cried.  But yes- the siren call of books was way too great.  I literally can not pass a bookstore and not go in to hold, touch and smell a book.

Now, the front of the store had displays of all those virtual assistants.  We stopped to read about them, found out the cheapest version was on a ridiculous sale.  You know we bought one.

We set it up when we got home.  And you know, when you get a new toy, you really play with it.  Check out all it’s features.  We loved being able to ask it to play music. You can say play 80’s music and it does.  It tells you the weather.  You can set up timers. You can play trivia.  My family and I were having so much fun.

On Sunday night, my Husband the sports fan was watching ESPN.  This is not unusual.  What was unusual is that he was watching collegiate Corn hole.  Yes.  There is a college sport for the game of Corn Hole.  For the uninitiated, corn hole is a beanbag game.  There are two slanted boards with a hole in them.  The object is to stand a distance away and attempt to toss your beanbag into the hole.  Simple.  We’ve played it before- it’s very popular at backyard barbecues and days hanging at the beach.

But corn hole as an actual competitive sport?

My daughter asked our virtual assistant about the rules of corn hole.

I am going to be very clear about this:  be really careful if you ask your virtual assistant about this word.  We got more than one answer, and let’s just say one of  the answers made us all look at each other and burst out laughing.  Not an answer for the under 13 set…..

So the lesson here- in this holiday season, if you are tempted to purchase a virtual assistant, they are wonderful, they are fun and they are helpful.

But they also have a very dirty mind…..


50 thoughts on “Holiday Shopping

  1. My Dad’s new virtual assistant (a gift from my baby sister) keeps answering the TV when a commercial for it comes on. But he’s having fun with it. It tells the corniest jokes if you ask it for a joke!

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  2. So funny. My husband is also a big sports fan and his smartphone has links to sports scores, etc. I can imagine if we were neighbors, we might be good and I as our husbands watched sports. I love the windows at Christmas in New York and walking, walking, walking. I also loved going to thrift shops and books stores in New York.

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  3. Oh dear on the corn hole! Our menfolk and the kids played almost nonstop at Thanksgiving and one of the young cousins cane running in asking if he could cornhole someone. We tried not to lose it.

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  4. I have to admit that my mind went immediately to the X-rated version of that term… I had no idea that was the name of that backyard game.

    We have an Amazon store here too. I love it… I could spend hours there. I also like to be able to talk to an actual person… which leads me to those virtual assistants: nope. Call me paranoid, but I don’t think I trust those tech giants enough to give them permission to listen in on my conversations.

    And, by the way, my blog is 100% organic… just in case you were wondering.

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    1. You have to wonder why they couldn’t come up with a different term for the game! I could wander around any book store. There’s a big barnes and noble near me, and I’ll sometimes just go there….it’s so nice to be surrounded by books……FYI….I laughed when you said your blog was organic!

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  5. I was filled with good cheer by the thought of a bookshop, and an amusing anecdote and the discovery of a new game. Then I made the mistake of looking the term up, and now have a very confused view of life in the USA. I know what I should be thinking but my head won’t stop offering alternatives. 🙂

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    1. I know! We were actually thinking of it in the purest sense!! You had to see our faces when it started talking and giving the “definition”…. I had been walking out of the room….I stopped and turned around….we were hysterical. On another note….the actual game with the bean bags is really fun….the other part… comment

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  6. Thanks for the laugh! I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with a virtual personal assistant, just because I don’t know if I’d like it listening to my household all the time. And I can’t help but wonder if anyone has access to what we’re saying as well? Or if they can access it if they need to? I’m not doing anything that is especially interesting, but I do like the idea of a bit of privacy. Just call me paranoid…..

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