Happy Thanksgiving to my friends that partake, and Happy Thursday to my friends that don’t!!

I am thankful for many things, but this week, this is what springs to mind:

  1. My fluffy, pink bathrobe
  2. my fleece slippers with the cushiony bottoms
  3. spellcheck
  4. google docs and my printer being in sync
  5. books with strong female heroines
  6. 24 hour staples print center
  7. not getting sick from vertigo on the ridiculously long escalator ride at the new Q train stop at 72nd and 2nd
  8. the Macy’s balloon inflation
  9. mom/daughter tradition of seeing the balloons inflated
  10. my daughter looking forward and enjoying the 11th year of going to see the balloons inflated
  11. gummy antacids( too many brussel sprouts)
  12. Downton Abbey exhibit stopping in NYC

And of course, all the other normal things that we are all grateful for!!

Happy Day!!!

36 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. What fun yall must have being right there to see the floats being inflated! I can’t imagine eating that many Brussel sprouts, but it could happen! (They are gas makers!) Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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  2. I was at the parade decades ago when I lived on 29th and Lex. I was supposed to meet a friend and not surprisingly, we missed one another. I remember being cold and trying to find an open shop to sell hot coffee. I liked it better today watching from home with my pug on my lap, a hot cup of coffee nearby, and my husband in sight.

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      1. This was owned by the Salvation Army. I think 500 dollars included meals and housing. It was a bit dark inside but the location as great. Full of actresses to be, working women new to New York, and a small portion of women on meds who I found out later were released by Bellevue for rehabilitation. It was a very interesting place…the location was fantastic.

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