I’m still in the weeds here in NYC- full calendar today, book to be read, words to be written, house to keep going.  But I made a commitment to myself, that if I had internet, I would post 5 days a week.  So here’s a quick story.

On Saturday, I went to the movies with Husband and Daughter.  We went to buy movie snacks, popcorn, iced tea and cookie dough bites.  Our local theater has the fountain drinks that you serve yourself, so Husband took stuff and went into theater, I took stuff and I went to get our drink.  I grabbed napkins and straws, filled up cup, grabbed popcorn and went into theater.   As I was walking towards them, I noticed they were eating popcorn.  And I was holding popcorn.

I had stolen someone’s popcorn.  Unintentionally, but still.  I went to my family, who were laughing at me.  I handed them the drink.  I walked towards the lobby both mortified and laughing.  How stupid am I ?

I went to the woman behind the concession stand.  I explained that I stole someone’s popcorn and handed her the bucket.  She was trying not to laugh in my face, which was hard, because I was trying not to laugh as I said, “Well, someone is going to say that they lost their popcorn, so here it is…..”

And that’s my story for the day!

keep writing!!

29 thoughts on “OMG- So Stupid

  1. Trivial perhaps, but I wonder, statistically, how many people would simply decide, “Hey, free popcorn!” and say nothing about it. Small things like this reflect larger portions of a person’s character.

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