As you may know, I’ve been participating in Novel Writing Month.  Just thought I would do a follow-up.

  1. I am writing every day, but not always my mark of 1650 words.  Some days more, some less.  One day I rewrote the entire scene I had previously written because I came up with a much better way to set the stage for what I was trying to accomplish.  Technically that day was a wash.
  2. The hardest thing so far has been remembering to update my word count every day on the website.  I need to do that today- as soon as I blog.  Hoping I remember my password. (to give you a hint as to when I last updated and it’s only November 8)
  3. I am liking the way my main character is developing- she is funny and a bit of a bitch.  Sort of like me, except we know I am not funny
  4. I’ve come up with the major arcs and plot points.  I think they are solid- the most solid of anything I have ever had in a novel.  I truly believe this is due to my writing class.  My class is allowing me to think of a story in ways I never imagined.   In class we break down dialogue, plot, description.  Especially point of view.  I had been writing in 3rd person.  When I switched to 1st it brought the book to life for me.   When you think about these things as devices, it’s a whole new world- which brings me to:
  5. Being a writer and being a story teller are two different things.  I may have a flair for words- I can usually get my point across in a piece.  But telling a story- oh- that’s an art.  How do get from point A to point B- that’s the difference between a writer and an author- so
  6. I need to learn how to bridge the gaps – fill in the timeline of the major events.  But these moments can’t always be filler.  These little moments can help you shape your characters and your story.  I need to learn to use the fillers wisely.  I think I’m getting it.  I hope so anyway.
  7. An outline is great, but sometimes you have to throw it out the window.  I had a way that I wanted my story to go, but as I’m writing, I’m discovering new possibilities.  I’m going with my instinct.  I don’t always go with my instinct, so this is a bit of a trial for me, but so far so good!!!
  8. Here’s one I need help with if you can.  One of my beliefs in life. as well as in this novel is that the longer the people are friends, the less boundaries they have.  I truly believe it and I see it in my life.  When I presented the first chapter to my class, one person adamantly disagreed with me- she felt boundaries got tighter.  This is not a right or wrong- I am using the boundary disappearing in the book, but for my own clarification- long friendships- more or less boundaries?
  9. I can’t write with my family around, or awake.  They are a distraction.  I guess that the problem with being the perfect spouse and Mom- I’m always in demand
  10. I now walk around thinking of scenes that can be included in the book.  It’s a good thing I’m organized because I can’t multi task at all.  I see everything through the eyes of my characters.  just be happy I’m not writing about a serial killer
  11. I am very loose with grammar and punctuation (which I know is opposite my need for order and perfection) I think that when people get overly fixated on grammar and punctuation, they begin to loose the playfulness that writing can be.  Personally, I’d rather read a not grammatically correct interesting clever book, than a punctuation perfect but illogical or unsatisfying one.  Personally, I think I read too quickly to catch mistakes of commas and periods.  My brain assumes they are right.  Bad plot points or characterizations that are inconsistent- well those I pounce on in a heartbeat.  My brain will not overcome that.  That’s where my need for order and logic prevail.
  12. I need a desk chair.  A good one.  My body may never recover.  My daughter asked me the other day what I wanted for a holiday gift.  A desk chair.  I know my family doesn’t read my blog, but I believe I will leave this part on the bulletin board.  oh wait.  My family never looks at that either…..

So there you go!!  Hoping all your writing is going well!!

28 thoughts on “Write Month Check up

  1. A thought about friendships and boundaries: Could it be that rather than boundaries getting pushed farther back that boundaries are intertwined with love, making them both invisible and tangible at the same time? Don’t we use the freedom of invisible boundaries to “get real” with those closest to us, even while we temper what we say and do with a healthy dose of love and respect? Maybe that’s a different way to think about it — and one which might bridge the divide between you and your classmate. Just a thought.

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  2. I am proud of you entering and making an effort on Novel Writing Month. The first hurdle is commitment. Finding time to write no matter what. You are working through the novel just how you’re supposed to.

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  3. Great news on your progress, I wish I was ready or even had the time for NaNoWriMo this month. Yes, you do need a good chair, take it from me, I’m about to have neck surgery, hopefully, that fixes my problem and where I’m writing right now does not make things worse.
    two, you need to et Grammarly, it fixes your punctuation and grammar mistakes as you write them so you can be sure your posts are perfect! Membership is free!

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  4. You are an inspiration. My writing daily sucks. In fact, I am completely overwhelmed with all kinds of crap that is occupying me every moment that I have mastered the art of procrastination more than any other talent I may or may not have.

    Keep writing! I’ll keep reading, for now…the writing will come back. I hope. 😦

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  5. I always found writing dialogue to be the hardest. I tried this last year and life just got in the way and this year well, life and school and work got in the way 🙂 You got this – keep writing – can’t wait to read what you create.

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  6. Boundaries become much looser with the years, but saying that I have to add it depends on the relationship. I have stronger boundaries with my mother in law now than when I was still a young wife!
    You are an inspiration, I have to get going on writing. I do use the time when I am walking the dog to come up with plot ideas and characters and I work on it as I am trying to fall asleep, I even remember it in the morning.

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  7. It sounds like you are doing great. I did NaNoWriMo 3 years ago. Your writing class sounds like what I should have been doing before I started. I had taken writing workshops and read some books, but my effort was pretty flat. However, it was fascinating to watch the characters really writing their dialogue themselves. Fascinating. It was like they knew what was going to happen next before I did! You’ve inspired me to pull out my 50,000 words and see if there’s a short story in there. Thx and good luck with the rest of November!

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  8. I still say you’re very funny. ( :

    I tried writing a book. I found it so annoying having to keep putting in quotation marks and other characters. It slowed down my pace considerably. Do writers put those things in when they’re writing a first draft? Or do they clean it up when editing?

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