Hi All!  I was bust yesterday, so I didn’t start to read blog posts till late.  I was having massive WP problems- I liked things that automatically unliked.  I had trouble pulling up posts.  I had trouble commenting.  I have a writing/reading evening planned, so will hopefully catch up.  Apologies if anything thinks I liked/unliked them!!!!!!

On a decent note, wrote 1478 words yesterday.  Notice that when I don’t reach my goal I give you an exact number, not rounded…..yes…I am that crazy!!  Planning on 2000 words today.

Have a great Saturday/Sunday- aka the weekend!!!!!

Keep writing/blogging!

21 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. For some reason over the weekend I unfollowed you. Not sure how it happened. I realized today that it has been awhile since you posted something. I dismissed the thought by thinking that you were too busy writing your novel to post anything. Now I see you did post a few times. Now I have to go back in and edit my settings. Aaarrgh! Maybe WP should pay us to use their site. Lol.
    The last couple months I no longer receive notifications on my phone. I have to go into the site a couple times a day to check on comments and likes. If only things worked like they should. 😳 At lease I know you didn’t disappear off the face of the planet like some of my blogging friends. 😀

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  2. Hello all. I need to declare a moratorium on posting any more social media communications until I can get someone to help me get my blog posts and my facebook posts and my websites and my twitters and instagrams and hashtags in order. I’m afraid this whole 21st century is just plain overwhelming to the ole’ gal. So, I’ll just busy myself making holiday gifts for loved ones for the next week or so.
    Keep well, and I’ll visit you again soon.

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