As many of you know, I needed to put my contacts in storage a few weeks ago due to a sinus infection.  I was not really happy about this- I’m a contact girl since 1980, but you do what you have to.  After a few weeks on the other side, here are some random observations:

  1. I can see distance more clearly now.  After progressive lenses I got used to not seeing things in crisp detail- it’s a whole new world
  2. I can lift my glasses and read.  Amazing.
  3. I can not wear my glasses to exercise, they slide down my nose.  This is OK when I’m on the elliptical or spin class, not so great if I am doing a weights class and I need to see what the instructor is doing
  4. Glasses get filthy.  I must clean my lenses about a thousand times a day
  5. I am having trouble adjusting to glasses when I am using the viewfinder on my camera- I feel too far away
  6. When I’m home I take my glasses off sometimes- I can see well enough that I can get around my house.  The problem is, when I actually need them, I often don’t know where I left them and I can’t see around the rooms well enough to distinguish where they are.  From a distance it could be pencils or glasses.  I need to come up with a designated glasses spot
  7. When I went to look at new glasses, I found it hard to see if I look good in them, because I couldn’t really distinguish if the glasses looked “right”.  I enlisted the help of every person in the store.  They were very helpful.
  8. I need to buy a makeup mirror that can be positioned right in front of me.  It’s is impossible to put on eye liner when the mirror is a foot away and you can’t see.
  9. I can’t wear my glasses when cooking, they tend to fog up.
  10. Glasses hide my under eye bags.  HUGE PLUS
  11. I look very scholarly when I take my glasses off in order to make a point.  Makes me feel smart
  12. I am still going to go to contacts when I play tennis.  bad enough my daughter beats me when I can see-


On other housekeeping notes- wrote 2000 words yesterday.  Signed up as wakinguponthewrongsideof 50 if you want to keep me honest.  Ellipses/dask support group will probably meet on Tuesdays.

38 thoughts on “I Can See Clearly Now

  1. Sometimes, I miss contact lenses. But then I remember that I really only need them when driving in low light conditions, and I realize that I don’t want to deal with putting them in and I just grab my glasses 😕

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  2. I glad you can see better again, as far as the problem of leaving your glasses somewhere and not being able to find them, go get one of those cute jewelry beaded chain holders and where them around your neck. I used to make those….back when my hands weren’t numb. Anyway, that’s one solution, the other day I say a cute teddy bear that was meant to hold your IPhone, they have em to hold your glasses too!

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  3. I share most of your observations (since I studiously avoid exercise, I can’t relate to those issues)! I’ve learned to cook by leaning back and forth to minimize the fog, lol! When I was a teacher, I used the looking over the top of my glasses face to let the kids know I meant business!

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  4. I wish I could wear my contacts all the time… like I could wake up and they wouldn’t be dried out and glued to my eyeballs! Because I always take them out and forget to grab my glasses first. Then I can’t see my glasses to put them back on! I tend to only wear my glasses on my days off… and at night. I really enjoy my contacts anymore!

    Yay for getting 2000 words in yesterday!!

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  5. I love my contacts. I got them when I was in second year University and never looked back.
    But, by evening of constant wear, and especially if I watch tv, they must come out. I want a break, and sometimes use drops to keep my eyes from drying up too much. This is more so the case in the dry, cold winter months than during the summer.

    But, I wear reading glasses when I’m on the computer with my distance contacts in. And, those need constant wiping. Pain in the wazoo.


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  6. I tried contacts when my daughter was a baby but there was somethings about the chemical make up of my eyes that caused build up, so I stayed with glasses. I only need them for distance so not a real problem. I found a couple of designated place for my glasses on both floors of the house as well as the best one( on top of my head holding my hair back). Congratulations on the 2000 words!

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  7. I’ve worn glasses since I was small. Can’t do contact lenses because they dry out my eyes. I had a great eye doc where I used to live, and he tried everything to no avail. But they had one great thing for those of us that are useless without our glasses: they had purchased a computer program that took pictures of you when you tried on the frames you liked. That way you could see yourself with the glasses on! Quite brilliant actually, and simple. They would have the screen broken up into the 4 or so photos of the different ‘you’ with your different choices of frames. They could enlarge them too and that way YOU could actually see yourself! So, if they don’t have this great program, I recommend someone taking a photo with you with your smartphone in the frames you like–it’s essentially the same idea. That way you can see how you look. 🙂

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  8. I can relate to almost all of your points, especially the one about losing your glasses around the house. I am constantly doing that (as I sit here with my tablet, I have no idea where my glasses are). If I’m at home, I can go all day without needing my glasses. Driving? Not so much.

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  9. Absolutely spot on!
    I don’t have contacts, but my bifocals cause me every point of grief mentioned in your blog. But you forgot one: the cat (who regularly sleeps under my chin) thinks the lenses make things jump and look funny, and takes a swipe at them now and then. I can tell you, a cat scratch on the tip of the nose can definitely be a bleeder.

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  10. I wear contacts and sometimes glasses when I need to give my eyes a break from the contacts. Sinus infections definitely made me take the contacts out so I empathize with you. I can’t see to put on make up without the contacts though. Maybe I need a magnifying mirror!

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  11. Glad you got your eye situation figured out. Congrats for writing 2000 words. Great job. Now if I can motivate myself to at least write 1 sentence when I get home. 😊 and hopefully more will follow.

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