Fall is in full swing, though not necessarily the weather here in NYC- it was a bit warm.  Here’s my ratings: 0-5.  All things take place in NYC unless otherwise indicated.  I have received no compensation for anything listed here- just telling you about my week.


“The Woman in Cabin 10” Ruth Ware  This is a psychological thriller that I think most of the world has read by now.  Travel writer goes on a luxury cruise with the purpose of reviewing it.  Things go awry.  Fun, a bit suspenseful….sometimes you need a book like this. 4


“Stronger” the story of one of the Boston Marathon survivor.  Pretty good Jake Gyllenhaal.  Story fairly well laid out.  Not a bad biopic.  4.1

“Battle of the Sexes” the story of the tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs, and how Billie Jean worked towards equal pay for female tennis players.  Not a bad movie- I’m always up for a movie about a strong woman- I found this interesting because though I am a lifelong tennis fan, I did not start watching the pro’s till I was slightly older. 4


Will and Grace- Didn’t love how they explained away the relationships and children- but still love the show….Ben Platt as guest start was amazing, especially as last thing I saw him in was Evan Hanson…..but it doesn’t matter cause it’s Will and Grace…..4.5


Brooklyn Botanic Garden- Chile Festival.  A yearly one day event, where the botanic garden seeks to get people to come visit in the fall.  It works.  About 2 dozen hot sauce and condiment vendors descend and give out samples of their wares.  If you are a chili head like me, you are in spice heaven.  Plus, you’re outside, in the gardens.  One of my favorite places in the city (FYI- I am a member of the BBG- so I pay a yearly member fee) 4.8

Chihuly at Night- New York Botanic Garden.  The glass sculptures of Dale Chihuly are on display- and boy are they gorgeous all lit up at night.  His sculptures that are placed in or near water are really amazing, as you can catch the reflection…mesmerizing.  Though, as I strolled through this exhibit I could not help but wonder how they transport and set up these works- they are so intricate and fragile.  I do not want to know what the insurance is……4.8

Holly Coulis at Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery- I’ve read recently that Coulis is an artist to watch. I liked her because her art is straight forward and beautiful.  While I know  the purpose of art is to shock, or to make people think, or to push the boundaries, sometimes I just want to look at something and say- OK- it has meaning and attitude, but it’s also relatable.  That is how I felt about this artist- she takes everyday objects like kitchen utensils and food, and paints them.  If I were rich, I would buy her work and display it. 4.3

And there you go!!!  I had more, but I have had many technical difficulties this morning and I need to run!!

Peace all!!

19 thoughts on “Sunday Wrap Up

  1. You had a fantastic week. It was too warm. I wish I was doing all those things, too! Loved the BBG. As for W&G, I agree. I didn’t love the explanation. And I struggled a bit with the differences in their looks, but then I got comfortable. It was great. Both episodes were strong, so far.

    As for Ben Platt, I honestly kept thinking… if W and I weren’t together… I’d be like Will. And I’d probably try to date someone in their 20s since I can’t accept my own age. And then I’d have to kill him because I couldn’t deal with that attitude!!!! But he was awesome.

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    1. I just wanted Bobby and Harry back….but yeah….very unsatisfying explanation. But…as for episodes…..Sean Hayes is as perfect as ever. Writing superb and there is such great chemistry!! I think you would get bored with a 20 something….I think the age difference should be minimal….too many generational things get in the way. I’m making the most of nature while weather is good!!

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  2. Now if only the Giants can finally win today and the Yankees too!
    Happy Sunday – sounds like you had a great week – mine was spent hitting the books lol. I may have to take NJ Transit and meet you to learn what fun is again 🙂

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