Fast.  I do everything fast.  People have commented on how fast I read.  They’ve commented on how many things I’m able to accomplish in an hour.  I talk fast.  really fast- just ask my blogger friend who shall remain nameless- even for a New Yorker, I talk fast.  And yes- I live in the city that is in perpetual motion, where everything is go, go, go, but to be honest- I’d probably be this way no matter where I lived. (but to be clear, no one would ever call me fast on the athletic circuit- there I am slow, slow, slow I’ve even been nicknamed the Energizer Bunny- I keep going and going and going.

And even my metabolism was fast……emphasis on was……See, when Voldemort came around (FYI- I know in Potter World the thing that was nameless and the greatest force was Voldemort- but really- the unnamed force in my house is that M word which I won’t give power to, so I call it Voldemort) it screwed up my metabolism…..

I have never been thin- but there are all sorts of reasons for this, but we’re not going to focus on that in this particular blog.  But, as an adult, I’ve usually been able to maintain a reasonable weight.  And I eat.  I mean- I really like food.  I like to go out to eat.  I love to cook.  Food is a big part of my social life, and a big part of my family life.


I went for my health assessment the other day.  I realized I have gained 20 pounds since Voldemort.  I knew I had gained weight- I feel it in my clothes, I see it in pictures.  I was not happy.

Now I know a number on a scale shouldn’t define anything.  I really know that.  But….I also know that this extra weight is not going to be good for an aging body.  I have joint issues and the podiatrist is on speed dial.  See, my weight gain is entirely in the stomach and chest.  (Before you say lucky- trust me- the last place I needed extra weight is in my chest….) So, I still have thin arms and thin legs.  The thin arms…doesn’t matter- but the thin legs are just not meant to carry around this weight.  I know this extra weight is making it harder for my legs and feet to do what they’re supposed to- and it’s only going to become more painful as I get older.


I need to change my lifestyle.  I already exercise and walk a lot (I mean a lot- my average step count is 15,000 excluding exercise).  But I do have to reevaluate my relationship with food.  As stated, I love to cook and bake.  I love to eat out.  So how do I reconcile this?

Well- I’m going to start with my food diary.  When I had to lose the post baby weight, I found this to be the most effective tool.  I write down everything I eat, the time, the reason and anything else that pops up.  After a week, I’m going to evaluate the patterns, (because there are patterns) and figure out what can be changed or adapted.  I am only going to work on one thing a week.  One.  You can’t tackle all the food mistakes at the same time- that is how you fail.  You must break it down into manageable steps.  This is a marathon not a sprint- I am trying to change my eating habits so that I can maintain a weight that is healthier for me.  It may take me longer to lost the weight but I don’t care- my goal is a healthier weight, while maintaining a little bit of the lifestyle I love.

So how does this effect you all?  Well, you will probably hear about this every now and then.  I’m not going to share my food diary, or my weight, or my dress size- but I might talk about the struggles of losing weight.  I might share my frustration.  I might share my successes.  I’m sure there will be some posts about this journey.



40 thoughts on “Not So Energized Bunny

  1. i know a woman that once went to the doctor due to fatigue – she was around 40 at the time. they told her she had, well, pre voldemort. than ten years later, voldemort arrived… a few years ago, she, now past sixty, went to the doctor, tired again. and the doctor said she has post voldemort.

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  2. The old saying ‘Breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince, and dine like a Pauper’ really helps me keep a good body weight, which unfortunately is the exact opposite of how most Westerners (esp Americans) eat…

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  3. Oh gawd, voldemort or meds or something has me in the same boat. My clothing sizes have increased to a point where I can’t deny the weight gain any longer. And while I’m not letting the numbers on the tags get to me, I’m right there with you–this extra weight isn’t doing my body any favors at all and something has to give. ((Hugs))

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  4. All your words ring true. I think I wrote a blog not long ago about the same thing. I know I’m heavier, slower, and definitely older. I try and find a balance, but sometimes it’s so DAMN hard! I hope you have better luck than I did staying on track!

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  5. Good luck with your weight loss plan. I hear what you’re saying about Voldemort, and can only hope that your Harry Potter-ness defeats him. Although I don’t remember Harry being a diarist, but I could have missed it.

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  6. If you are fortunate to have an older ‘wise woman’ in your life as I have she may be just the person to give you some advice here. When I was bemoaning some wight gain but more importantly a complete change of shape – how did the curves of my derriere disappear and somehow slither to the front of my body giving me a tummy when I had never had an ounce of fat there before? she gently pointed out that it isn’t normal for a 60 something to have the same body as a twenty or even thirty year old and whilst being a healthy weight is a good goal, try for healthy as befits your age and don’t base it on the weight you were many years ago or you will be doomed to disappointment.

    As for cake….my husband and I both love eating cake but since he was diagnosed with diabetes over 10 years ago, I only bake at home when we are having visitors so that we don’t get left with loads to eat and when we go out we share a piece of cake, we get the taste and only half the calories so his blood sugar stays stable and the scales don’t move too much either!


  7. The food log was the first and most important part of my revaluation of my relationship with food when I decided to try ketosis last year. I still maintain a spreadsheet with my daily intake.

    And, I LOVE ketosis a lot more than I ever loved all the digestive issues that came from eating a ton of empty carbs every day.

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  8. Ah yes the dreaded weight gain. I had a come to Jesus moment(excuse the expression) when I hit 50 and my son was no longer a teenager and my daughter got married all with in three months. I had been a regular at the gym which did help even though my job required me to be on my feet all day, it felt good to be taking action, but I plateaued and I realize that I had not addressed my diet. I decided to cut back (couldn’t go all the way) on added sugar and within a month I lost 5 pounds! An added benefit was that I had more energy, my joints didn’t hurt as much and my mood swings were less. Yes, you have to become an astute label reader, but it has helped. An adult should have no more that 24grams of added sugar. Good luck, it worked for me and now 8 years later it is still working.

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  9. Blooming Voldemort has a lot to answer for. I was having similar thoughts regarding my own waistline this morning. I have a feeling I may need to reduce the carbs, even the whole grain carbs, in favour of more lean protein. It won’t stop me baking cakes and bread. Life is for living and having fun.
    Good luck!

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  10. Good luck! I think the key is to find a plan that works for you. I hated keeping track of what I ate so Weight Watchers wasn’t for me and a food diary would probably not work either (although I think it’s a great idea and could lead to some helpful insights into eating patterns). I started intermittent fasting (sometimes called the 5:2 diet) several years ago and have kept with it. I love walking too, but your 15,000 daily steps is impressive!

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  11. First I cut alcohol. I had wine many nights a week, even just a glass with dinner, but that went out. Weekends are allowed in moderation, but…yeah. (sniff)
    Then I cut back (but not out) on cheese. Must I snack on cheese? I love cheese…but how about I just eat some a few times a week, and not every 4-6 pm?
    The sweets were easy to cut once I persevered past the cravings. Do you realize if you cut sugar out completely you actually don’t crave it anymore? Now I treat myself to a dessert once in a blue moon and really enjoy it, but I don’t binge on it, nor do I need or want it next day. My body has adjusted.


    Cutting all food is not an option. I love food and food loves me. But, yes, those jeans do feel a tad snug lately…

    I hear you. Good luck!

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    1. I love food way to much, but I have to think about healthier balances and cutting portion size! Cheese and carbs are bad things for me, but I love pasta and things like that. And cheese….and like everything! I’ll get there….it will just take some reorganization


  12. Constant battle.. I’m doing well, all the baby weight gone plus an extra stone. Want to lose about another two hard though. My partner eats what he wants and never gains a pound, I think they go on me lol

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  13. What is the deal with you two and the unnamed thing? It cracks me up every time I see that in either of your posts! Also don’t give up on food future me! I don’t want to lose that ever. I love food!!!

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    1. I know…..I’m trying to eat smarter and make better choices. I switched from black to green tea in the morning cause it’s supposed to speed up metabolism. I’m trying eggs for breakfast because the protein is supposed to be good to rev you up. I’m going to try to reduce carbs, but I really love pasta!! It’s hard! But we’ll get through!!


      1. I know. I love food too! I’m trying different food as well. I’ve lost three pounds. Hopefully I won’t gain them back in Vegas. There’s food everywhere there.

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