After some unseasonably hot weather, NYC has had some glorious days.  This makes me happy- I hate the humidity!!  Lots of practical matters to take care of this week, but I managed to sneak in some fun!  These aren’t really reviews, they’re more like ratings.  I have received no compensation for anything I have spoken of, just things I want to share.  All events take place in NYC unless otherwise specified!


“Less” Andrew Sean Greer.  I actually liked this book very much- but I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it when I started reading it- sometimes you do have to keep reading even if you aren’t intrigued……It’s the story of a man about to turn 50, and he’s questioning his life choices.  I know- another dystopian novel about a situation that never happens in real life…..could you imagine if people faced a sort of crisis when they were about to turn 50? 4.3

“A Man Called Ove” Fredrik Backman. This is actually a re-read- I read it a few yeaars ago, but my book club chose it for this month’s selection, so I skimmed it over.  I sort of love this book (and when I started it I thought I wouldn’t finish).  It’s about a man facing a crisis after the loss of his wife.   (hmmmm…do I do everything is patterns……hold that thought) It was one of the most beautiful, life affirming books I’ve ever read, clearly one of my favorite books from the past 5 years. 4.8


“Kingsman: The Golden Circle” Now- I really enjoyed the first Kingsman movie- I thought it funny and clever and slightly different than the others of its genre. It’s got lots of Bond sensibilities, so if you like that sort of thing it”s worth a watch (rent, don’t actually go to the theater) This had some enjoyable moments, the Actors are all very talented and can make anything sound more intelligent than it actually is- but I didn’t like it as much as the first. 3.8

“Brad’s Status” This is about a man in his late 40’s who think his life has amounted to nothing, and is questioning his life choices.  No, you didn’t go back to book reviews….it turns out that more than one man is having a 3/4 life crisis.  I know- right?  Mind blowing that two things would deal with this subject that no one has ever talked about…..Ben Stiller plays the title character with just the right amount of angst- he seems genuine.  The movie resonates with me because the son in this movie has Ivy League dreams- much as my daughter does- and there is a certain terror when you have a child who has goals that just seem unreal.  Decent supporting cast. 4.2


Feast of San Genaro.  Every year in September, New York gets treated to a huge block party- Lots of Italian food vendors (and now other foods) line up Mulberry Street in NY’s Little Italy area.  It’s cheesy (literally and figuratively) but my family loves it and it is one of our traditions.  Our goal is to try something we’ve never had before- this year is was an eggplant and burrata sandwich made by the restaurant Pasquale Jones (FYI- have eaten at the actual restaurant- awesome).  But this is the sort of thing that you walk around and try what looks good.  you also have the option of eating at one the  restaurants that set up outdoor tables.  It gets really crowded- and remember I’m real used to crowds… we tend to go at about 11:30 am not long after they’ve opened.  3.9

Gotham Writers Workshop- I attended an open house sponsored by this writing school.  After attending I chose to take a Fiction writing class which begins tomorrow.  I will keep you informed on my thoughts, feelings, and probably homework assignments as the weeks go on.


Thanks as always to all of you who read and comment on my posts.  I think it’s great when everyone takes part in a discussion.  I love hearing everyone’s thoughts and ideas, and it has made me think about things that I have never thought of, and ponder ideas in new ways.

I am really behind on awards- the next few Saturdays may contain more than 1 award- sorry in advance for those of you who choose not to participate, but yay to those of you who do!!

What’s up for the week?  We all know I never actually write about what I say- the post from Friday was something that I planned on writing about 2 months ago, but kept getting pushed back….But as of now, I’m going to discuss my health (nothing bad- just something I’m not happy about), nature vs nurture, feedback, romance, and whatever 5 topics I actually choose to write about……

Have a great week!  Peace and love to all!!

19 thoughts on “Sunday Wrap Up

  1. I remember the festival and how lovely New York City is in the fall. I am currently reading “The Left Behind Series.” My husband and a few friends read them awhile back; it caught on late with me but I am enjoying them and learning some unexpected things.

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  2. I’m amazed and a little impressed that you actually have an idea of what you’ll be writing about next week. I loved A Man Called Ove too. I assume you are grading on a 1 – 5 point scale. When I started to see the reviews about Kingsman: The Golden Circle it was the first time I had heard about the first movie too. Now both are on my Netflix list. I look forward to hearing about your writing class.

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    1. The kings an movies are fun. They’re a little silly,but clever at the same time. As for ideas, I’m always jotting down notes. Then I think about what I want to write about. For better or worse, things change cause I sometimes become consumed with an idea and I’m compelled to write about it right away!


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