Welcome fall, my favorite season!  I am always energized by this season- and always busy!  But here’s what I did this week, that can be talked about in a PG13 format…..Ratings are 0-5.  All locations are NYC unless otherwise specified.  I have received no compensation for any of the following!


“The Arrangement” Sara Dunn.  This is light and easy to read.  Basically, a couple decides that their marriage needs a little oomph, so they decide to try having an open marriage for 6 months.  Very thought provoking, and I will probably write about the subject this week- cause I might have an opinion.  This is not a “literary” book, but it’s OK.  3.8


Didn’t watch much TV this week- we’re in TV limbo.  But these are my fall shows that I am really looking forward to this week: Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, This is Us- reboot Will and Grace, and new show Young Sheldon.  I like sit-coms.  They’re easy.  I don’t like my television to be heavy- I need light, especially at night.  Anyone ever wants to dish about these shows, feel free to PM me.


Metropolitan Museum of Art 4.5  Full disclosure- I love the Met.  I think it is an amazing space and museum.  But, I was underwhelmed by the special exhibits I saw this week.  “Rodin at the Met”- it’s Ok, but if you want to see Rodin, go to Philadelphia.  3.8.  “The Roof Garden Commission: Adrian Villar Rojas, The Theater of Disappearance”  I think the new thing in large format installation art is having a table and “setting” it in an odd way.  This made me think, but mainly it made me think, what was the artist thinking?  But, the roof garden is glorious, so…worth it for that alone.  3.9.  “Talking Pictures Camera-Phone Conversations Between Artists”  I love photo exhibits.  This was amazing mostly because these photos were taken with phones, and really they were glorious.  But even though I got the concept- it was just OK. 3.9

Grey Gallery 4  The Grey Gallery is part of NYU, so the exhibitions, though small, are usually well thought out and interesting.  “Partners in Design Alfred H. Barr Jr. Philip Johnson”  This exhibit delved into the Baohaus design aesthetic from Berlin in the 30’s.  Minimalism.  There are some lovely pieces of furniture and some well chosen household items on display.  Oddly, I most vividly recall the stainless steel sink- when it was being designed it was a combo of function and form- how to make a sink that would be really easy to clean, beautiful at the same time.  Small but interesting exhibit. 4.2


Apple Dave’s Orchard (aka Applewood Orchard) Warwick NY.  We have gone to this orchard every year since my daughter was about 3.  We have found that going mid to late September is perfect- Macintosh and Cortland apples- delicious.  Yes- +NYC dwellers will drive 2 hours north to pick apples……

Ye Old Warwick Book Shoppe- I would like to save all the independent book stores.  This is a cute little store with a super knowledgeable staff.  If you ever happen to be in Warwick NY- please stop by this little store.

Food- I went to old standbys this week.  Patrizia’s of Brooklyn and La Folia.  These places are fine and  fill particular needs in my life, but not worth searching out, unless you need to fill these needs- Patrizia’s is great if you want to go out with a group of 10-20 (or more) people.  Reasonable family-style menu (includes beer and wine), great service, and good if you’re going to be loud.  La Folia is a quaint little neighborhood wine bar that is perfect for girls night- not too crowded, not too loud.


Thanks again for all the great commentary this week.  I love all the dialogue.  I look forward to interacting with you all every day!

School is going well for my daughter.  Yay.  She loves her teachers, which always makes things a bit easier.  on a funny note, a new Bubble Tea (think fruity tea with tapioca) opened up down the street- at night between 6 and 9 they will offer help in calculus and physics.  For the price of a tea, my daughter can get help from kids that went to really really good schools.

Have a great week!!

32 thoughts on “Sunday Wrap Up

  1. We have a new DVR, so I had to reset all the shows again. As of yesterday, I still haven’t been able to set up a few shows, such as Will and Grace. Some of these shows are less than two weeks away but the programs aren’t loaded in yet. Very frustrating. I am looking forward to the Big Bang Theory re-starting, and I have high hopes for Young Sheldon. My wife tends to be impatient with new shows, so for her they’ve got to be good right from the outset. – Marty

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    1. My daughter found a 5 minute promo for young Sheldon (u tube) and if the show is as good as this 5 minute clip, the show will be amazing!! With will and grace, based on the series finale, I don’t know how they’re going to integrate everything! Really looking forward to this week though! Hoping your DVr gets up to speed!!

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  2. Do love fall, busiest time for us. My husband is a college coach for women’s volleyball love watching football, die hard Patriots fan, sorry. Looking forward to all the new seasons of my favorite shows too. Glad your daughter is enjoying school.

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