In the hallway of the royal palace stood pictures of the young Princess.  A wall filled with 8×10 portraits from school, soccer and softball.  Any visitor to the Palace would be greeted with smiling images, ranging from age 4 to age 14.  The team colors changed, the hairstyles changed, but the face remained constant.

Then the first week of Junior year, the Princess walked into the royal apartment and stated….”Do we really need to have this shrine of me when you walk in the front door? It’s embarrassing.  Why do we even have these pictures up on the wall?”

This was a rather frugal Queen, who had spent good money on all these portraits, so she felt it was well within her rights to display them.  But she also understood that this blatant display of parental pride could be a little daunting to people, and yes, embarrassing to the Princess.  So the Queen took out the royal planner and scheduled time to order a photo album, take down the pictures, unframe them, place them in an album, repaint the wall and hang up different artwork on the wall.  It was rather a long process, but worth it for the happiness of the Princess.

So about 10 days later, the Queen was able to accomplish the first half of the tasks.  Pictures down and organized, frames donated, wall painted.

Princess came home from a long day of school and tennis practice.

“Wherenare my pictures?”  she exclaimed.

“You said they were embarrassing.  I understand why you would feel that way and I rearranged things.”  Queen replied.

“But, but….it’s your house.  You didn’t have to do that.  You’re allowed to hang up anything you want.” the Princess continued.

“I understand why you wanted them down.  So that’s what I did.  It wasn’t a big deal.” (Well, the thought behind taking them down wasn’t a big deal, but you know, the process…..)

“Can you put them back up?”  the Princess asked.

“What?” the Queen exclaimed, trying to remember that she is going to try to be calm in all situations and take a moment. (FYI- this was not working out so well at this moment) “I spent the whole day doing this.  The pictures are already in an album.  I am NOT undoing it.”

“But it’s like all my memories are down and boxed up.  My life was on the wall, in chronological order, and now…it’s blank.”

The Queen went and gave the Princess a hug, kissed the top of her baseball cap.  “your memories are not gone.  They’re in your head, and in my heart.  And they’re now in a photo album on the bottom shelf of the coffee table.”

“So this is Ok?” the Princess said.

“Of course.  Life changes.  We change and grow.  Things can’t always remain static.  And look around, there are still plenty of reminders of you in the apartment.  Your artwork is on the walls, and some projects are on the shelves, and there are still pictures of you, of our family all around.  It’s just a little different.  Change is OK.  Change is necessary.”

And all was right in the royal household.  For a little while anyway.  Remember, the Princess is still a teenager.


35 thoughts on “The Tale of the School Portraits

  1. “…..the Queen took out the royal planner….” 😂😂😂
    Sweet post, thanks for sharing. Change is hard! When I feel guilty about not having pictures of everyone everywhere, I remind myself to open my eyes and see and enjoy who is in front of me! ❤️

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  2. Reading this, my first reaction was THE BIG SIGH- that one you give your kids when they complain about something, you change it (often with much extra work involved) and then they have the audacity to ask why you changed it…
    I applaud loudly your reaction- thoughtful, kind and not at all snarky like mine would have been 🙂

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  3. Oh, I had a comment from my oldest when visiting from out of state that there seemed to be quite a few pics of her brother, don’t know if she was counting but there you go. I guess all the pictures of her wedding hanging in prominent places were not enough, lol.

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    1. Well…..I have my daughters artwork up. With kids, you get inundated with projects that they bring home. Instead of having things sitting in a box, every school year I chose 1 thing she did, and I framed it. I disposed of most of the other things (I still hVe a portfolio book with some stuff I lived, but I keep it to 1 book). I also put up some framed photos that I took….flowers……it’s funny having my work on the walls….

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  4. Mine hasn’t even made it into formal education and we’ve already had a taste of the volume of paper and projects. That’s one of the reasons I decided to photograph the better ones and keep them all together on my blog. This way I can see his progress but not feel compelled to hang on to every piece of paper with a doodle that comes home with him.

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