Another week has come and gone.  New York experienced a little bit of humidity this week- not a fan of humidity.  Also thwarted with some subway issues this week, and trust me, waiting underground in humid weather is not fun.  But here’s the run down- Ratings 0-5.  I’ve received no compensation for any of these things!


“The Little French Bistro” Nina George  The heroine is 59 years old.  I don’t think I can say much more than this- it is refreshing to see an adult women in a novel.  This is a feel good book about overcoming adversity.  While not a great book, it is a fairly easy read. 4


“Home Again”

A story about a 40 year old woman getting her life back together after she separates from her husband.  (are you sensing a theme?  Middle age women overcoming adversity- yes- and I want to see/read more of it)  Movie is light and cute, if predictable (again, a theme) 3.8


“Suits”- Season Finale.  I didn’t love the finale.  My Suits friends, please give me opinions.


New York Historical Society

“The Duchess of Carnegie Hall: Photographs by Editta Sherman”  I loved this exhibits.  Portraits of celebrities- many from the 40’s and 50’s.  Absolutely gorgeous.  What was a little dismaying was how many people were photographed smoking, but it was a different time. 4.7

“American Visionary:  John F. Kennedy’s Life and Times”  Amazing photos of JFK.  Beautifully curated exhibit.  4.2

“Eloise at the Museum”  Exhibit that explores the beloved book character Eloise.  Cute exhibit, but really much better for children.  4


Ofrenda  Delicious Mexican food in a lively (loud) cozy (ridiculously small) place.  Appetizer called Queso Fondido, which is basically a Mexican fondue.  Yummy.  Killer, and I mean that literally, Margaritas. 4.3

Island Burger and Shakes- I used to love this place- but the quality of the burgers has gone way down.  No worth going to anymore.  2.8

Levain- This bakery has about the best cookies known to man.  So big they more closely resemble muffin tops.  And I love the chocolate brioche.  Ridiculously yummy!



I have narrowed down my WordPress issues.  On the app, my reader does not always work correctly.  I sometimes miss certain hours of the day, so for example, if someone posts between 11 and 2 pm, I will miss all of the posts- I am not receiving the “Load More Posts” prompt.  Let’s see how long it takes to fix it now that I’ve isolated the issue

Thanks again for all the amazing commentary this week- your feedback is amazingly valuable as always!


36 thoughts on “Sunday Wrap up

  1. I am reading “the little Paris bookshop” by Nina George. I must admit I am not a great fan of love and romance genre. 🙂
    And about the issues, I have been facing the same for almost a year now. I always miss some posts by my fellow bloggers! Let’s just hope they will sort it out very soon.. !

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    1. I like my romance stories more sarcasm filled to be truthful… yeah, I know what you mean, especially with this book. But I’m all for older women being characters, so I’ll read it for that message alone!! The wordpress thing is crazy! I’ll eventually figure out that I’m missing posts, but it’s so frustrating! And then I never remember the actual blog name, so I can’t even search it! And yeah, it always seems to be my absolute favorite blogs that I Miss!


      1. I am more into spy and crime stories. 😀 I have never read mills and boons and all those other romantic novels. I like women centric ones, but it has to be about spy, crime or mystery. Since you said you like older women characters, have you read novels by Ann cleeves? Vera series is based on a woman detective. They even had TV series called Vera, based on the novels.

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  2. My daughter has me reading a series by Louise Penny. I’m not really a detective novel reader, but these stories are wonderful. And Ms. Penny tells the stories from multiple points of view–often switching from paragraph to paragraph. At first I found that off putting, but now it’s kind of charming. Mostly I want to live in Three Pines and become one of the quirky residents.

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  3. My summer has been too chaotic for me to read much. Such a sad admission to make, but there you have it. I like the idea of a lightweight novel about a woman who I can relate to. Might be a good book for me to start with…

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  4. A sister flew to London last week, so it prompted me to read Dickens. Hopefully her visit was slightly more light-filled than his era. I stopped using the WP app for precisely the problems you’re experiencing. I got tired of it all being a guessing game. I’m happily back to reading from their web site on my laptop. You know, “old” style. 🙂 – Marty

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    1. I’ve been reading off my lap top too, but it’s not as easy as reading off my iPad. I know, I’m actually composing about which tech device makes it easier. Dickens is a bit…..heavy…….but oddly, my daughter thought tale of two cities was one of best books ever

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  5. I always like to get book recommendations, so thank you. In regards to WordPress “housekeeping,” I’m still unable to find a way to follow you by email. Like many, it’s the only way I read blogs (I don’t use the Reader), so I know I’m missing many of your posts. If I’m just not seeing the “Follow me via email” button on your site, can you please let me know where I can find it?

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      1. If your blog set up is anything like mine, you can just to into your dashboard, then appearance, then Widgets, then in the “Available Widgets” box, find the “Follow Blog” via email widget, click on it and move it to your sidebar box. Don’t forget to put it in the order you want with your other widgets, and hit Save. I hope that helps (I don’t speak WordPress very well either). I will be thrilled once I can follow you blog via email.

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    1. They have that up by Lincoln center. I just thought it was cute and was sort of like looking in a mirror….but I’m shorter……I love the historical society. They really curate some amazing exhibits. Though nothing quite beats the one they did a few years ago about superheroes. They had the original bat mobile, which for a kid born here in the sixties was pretty awesome….

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