Between Labor Day and the beginning of a new school year, my extracurricular fun was lacking this week.  There was a lot of organizing, shopping and prep instead.  But here you go- ratings are 0-5.  Any activity takes place in NYC unless otherwise noted.  Nothing if for free- I paid for all things.


Again- I was watching a lot of tennis.  Congrats to brilliant American women semi-finalists, and of course, Sloane Stevens- who played an almost flawless match in beating Madison Keyes at the US Open.  I tried to watch the 100th episode of Suits- alas- my DVR box was having issues, so I missed about half of the dialogue.  Will try to rewatch at some point.


I didn’t finish any books this week.  For shame!  I know!  But hopefully I’ll knock off last 50 pages today so I should have 2 books next week.


Twice a year a little outdoor food mart is set up (it runs for about a month at a time).  It is called Madison Square Eats (4.4 for venue).  Basically, about 15 food purveyors sets up food stands in what I can only refer to as a “town square” (which is obviously not what it is but I got nothing as to what to call it).  I love nice restaurants, but I think the best and most inventive food in NYC right now is being found at stands and food trucks.  The best thing we tried this year was at a place called Raclette (4.3).  They take a wheel of gruyere and put it over a heat source.  When the cheese begins to get melty, they spread it on a baguette, and add some pickles and onions.  Voila- ooey, gooey, rich and cheesy and SO yummy!  They also have some that they add meat to, but I was splitting with my daughter and she opts out of beef, chicken and pork. And though I didn’t try this year, Roberta’s  (4.7)pizza is the stuff that dreams are made of.  If you eat meat, try the Bee Sting.  If you don’t eat meat, try the White Pizza.  SO GOOD.

Live Theater

Bandstand.  This musical takes place in 1945, and centers around 6 recently returned soldiers and 1 woman who lost her husband during the war.  They form a swing band with the hopes of winning a Music Contest.  I thought it was wonderful.  Story good, music good, talent good.  One of the better musicals I’ve seen.  Alas, even though it is great and was nominated for Tony’s- the show will close next week.  But- if you ever get a chance to see it in regional theater, please go.  4.5


Thanks for all the wonderful comments this week.  Sometimes I feel that I am the only person that experiences certain feelings, but then I write about my fears, feelings or anxieties, and I realize that I’m not alone.  So thanks for the openness, honesty and support!

As Texas begins to repair, many areas were, and are about to be devastated by Irma.  My thoughts and prayers are with you all.  I will share one story- my friends Mom lives on the West Coast of Florida.  Her daughter urged her to evacuate, but the Mother is holding ground.  She told her daughter- “Don’t worry.  I have my noodle and a boogie board.”  She’s a tough lady…..

The first two days of school went well for my Daughter.  She likes her teachers and is excited about the subject matter (well- as excited as you can be for schoolwork).  We got away with a less than 30$ bill at Staples, and I think we bought enough loose leaf to get through first semester at least.

Last week I posted 3 things that I actually thought I was going to talk about, which is higher than usual.  This week- there will be a 9/11 post……and otherwise, ex boyfriends are on the list, as are family, friendships and organizing.  But you know that will change…..because I live on the edge…..

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    1. Oh, how do I explain. It’s a piece of Styrofoam like plastic that’s about 3 feet long and is sort if tubular, but not hollow. About 3 inches in diameter. Traditionaly kids put them under their arms as they float in the pool. Purely recreational. If I can get a better description or pic I will

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  1. I desperately wish that I was your neighbor. I would be tagging along for every fun event that you do. In exchange, I would give you all the oniony pickley bagels anyone gave me (but not the cheese…that’s all mine…). You’re so fab girl. I love that you truly live life. ❤️

    ***P.S. You forgot to mention the wonder of Venus matching her sports bra. Does that make it a wonder bra??? 😉

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