The weather has been hot- I am actually looking forward to cooler temperatures.  Cooler, meaning 60’s- lets not get crazy.  This was a fairly quiet week- but here’s what went on.  I have received no compensation for anything discussed here.  All things are located in NYC unless otherwise specified.  Ratings are 0-5.


“Everything I Never Told You” Celeste Ng  Ummm- where do I start?  Not a great book for the Mother of a teenage girl to read.  But it was well written.  Story somewhat interesting.  4


“The Next Food Network Star”- I picked Jason.  Jason won.  I think he’s fun.  Looking forward to his show.  4

“Broadchurch”  Series finale.  I will miss David Tenant screaming “Millerrrrr”. but I will not miss much else.  I didn’t love the 3rd and final season.  3.5

“Garage Sale Mysteries- Hallmark Mystery Channel”  I love a cozy mystery- even though these are a bit silly and predictable.  3.5


Nathan’s Hot Dogs- Coney Island Brooklyn.  There might not be anything better than thick crinkle fries and a hot dog near the beach.  And an orangeade to complete the picture.  4.8

The Smith- Midtown- This NYC based chain (I don’t know if it is a chain, but it has multiple locations, so I’ll call it a chain) is one of my go to’s if I need a place for a group, or I have friends in from out of town.  The menu is just varied enough to please most diners, and the prices aren’t ridiculous.  Good drink menu (3 champagne cocktails!) and fun vibe.  But….this comes with a caveat.  Why I was waiting for my friend, a group of people came out- a young woman in her early 20’s and what I can assume were her parents- if I had to guess, I think they were slightly older than me.  They did not eat here- they left complaining to their daughter that it was much too loud and too “not them” (I don’t know exactly what this means though- I can only eavesdrop so much)  So while I think it is a fun, cool atmosphere, others may not.  I still like splitting their homemade chips with blue cheese fondue and burgers. 4

Bar Primi- I love pasta.  This place has good pasta.  No- make that great pasta.  All pasta is homemade and my friend from Illinois said it has spoiled her from ever eating pasta at home.  I had a dish with fresh corn, mushrooms and scallions in a light cream sauce- it was so good.  So good that I wish it was socially acceptable to lick a plate clean.  And they have a slushy rose cocktail….4.6

Daily Provisions- This is a take out place, with a couple of counters to stand at.  I had what is known as OG- it’s like a cheesy croissant like pastry filled with scrambled eggs.  It was delicious.  It’ sinful that eggs can taste this good-  4.6


New York Aquarium- Coney Island Brooklyn.  This is a very average aquarium, and they are presently undergoing renovations.  But it’s fish and otters and sea lions.  On the boardwalk at Coney Island.  And it has memories for me- I went here as a kid.  I took my daughter here when she was little.  When she was 5, her dream job was to be the person who worked at the touch tank. 3.5

Stop the Zombies- Deno’s Wonderwheel Amusement Park- Coney Island.  This is a 4D virtual experience where you and 15 other people try to save NYC from Zombies.  This was so much fun!  And I came in last at shooting zombies, and I still loved it (Yes- at the end they rank the zombie hunters) Tip- sit in the front row. 4.5


I solved 3 pesky organizational problems (thank you Container Store for helping with the drawer compartmentalizing).  I have gotten rid of a large bag of clothing.  Yay me.  I jammed the shredder and it took me 45 minutes to unjam it.

I intended to finish another book this week, but it is a book for book club.  It is a long book for book club- about a convent in 16th century Italy.  I may never finish it…….

I have ideas floating around in my head about family and parenting.  Expect a blog on these topics in the coming weeks.

I reached a personal high score on Ballz, but the family is still ahead of me!  I did manage to beat the husband at words with friends!

I had some issues with the wordpress update….I needed to uninstall and reinstall and I’m still trying to make sure it’s all working correctly.  Also, anyone who emails me blogs or anything….I am way behind on emails!  I’ll get there!  Thanks!

Thank you to all who commented this week.  You guys inspire me with your ideas and thoughts.  Also- I welcome those who have a different opinion than I do.  Don’t be afraid to disagree- I am always looking to improve my mind- though we all know- I am always right…….


22 thoughts on “Sunday Wrap Up

  1. Have you watched the movie, “Genius” with Colin Firth and Jude Law? Excellent, absolutely excellent.
    And I am so sorry to tell you this but…if you and I disagree, I AM always right. So you will have to be wrong. Not one to toot my own horn but my husband will confirm this fact….as a matter of record, he often tells me, “Oh, you are always right” (tho, his tone makes me wonder if he is saying this sarcastically…I have selective hearing…).
    If you ever need a list of places to eat or things to see in Duluth, MN….just let me know!

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    1. I love Colin and Jude, and I’ve always wanted to see that movie! That is definitely now in my list! And I’m going to go with we’re both pretty right! I’ve never been to Minnesota, but am itching to go! The area up there is just beautiful! Will clearly be hitting you up for recommendations!


      1. Actually, I found this book interesting, but maybe because my mother is from Italy and I am Catholic. Back in those days, if families did not have money for a dowrey, they would make their daughter become a Nun. This was HORRIBLE, because those young women did not want to become cloistered Nuns, they wanted to live life, have a boyfriend, get married, etc. THIS story starts with a girl who is 16, I think it was, whose parents make her become a Nun and from Day 1, she FIGHTS being there and has a goal of wanting to escape. The story shows how a Nun has her own goal of making this young girl accept her fate. The reason I found this interesting, is because we always have the idea that Nuns became Nuns out of love for God and the church, but this story shows a very different side to being a Nun way back when. Maybe this will help you understand what is going on. It’s an interestisng story, one in which you must feel sorry for many of those Nuns, whose parents just gave them away. Very sad.

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      2. I’m a lapsed catholic, who went to a catholic college, so maybe it was a little too close to home for me. I can tell it’s a good book. The characters are well thought out and the style is engaging. It’s just not a good summer read for me….I tend to go light and fluffy in the summer, and though this book is not a particularly tough read, I just want to read about beaches and misunderstandings….I want to be shallow right now,🤣. It’s always tough talking about a book that you know is good, but just not what you want to read at a particular time. But I agree, the girl dragged into the convent is a strong character and doesn’t give up, and ends up using her brain.

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      3. I hear you. I used to feel bad if I didn’t want to finish a book I started. Now though, if I’m not enjoying a book, I quickly move on with no sad feelings. If I don’t want to read a book club book, I nicely tell them that I have to bow out for that month, but will rejoin them with next months book choice. THEN I don’t feel bad for not finishing a book. Summer is almost finished… get that last beach book in and ENJOY it!

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  2. I like The Smith, too. I used to go to the midtown one on the west side, but now I live 2 blocks from the one on the east side. It is very noisy, I agree. But always good food.

    Hmm… as for WordPress, I’m about to lose my sh*t on them with this update. It is so slow an erratic on my iPhone. It freezes all the time, then reverts back to undo all the things i liked. Grrr!

    Great wrap up post!

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