Name an 11  letter word that would be used to describe my family?

You have 30 seconds.  Cue the Jeopardy music-

The answer is:


We played mini golf on vacation.  When we approached the entrance and picked out our clubs, the attendant asked if we wanted a score card.  We responded “yes please”, but  we looked at each other and telepathically communicated – Duh- who  plays mini golf and doesn’t  keep score?  Where’s the fun in that? Don’t they care who wins?  Now- for the record- no one in my family is a candidate for the mini-PGA.  I can get a hole in one  and follow it up with a 5.  But we have fun and we try to play on every vacation.  (FYI-the Husband won both mini golf games we played- he would want the blogverse to know that).

We’re a competitive family.  We like to play games with each other.  When the daughter was younger we would have weekly family game nights, and while we still have them- they are now on a monthly basis.  They’re more like death matches tournaments- we play 5 different games, and the winner gets to choose our next dining excursion.

If we’re at a fast casual restaurant, we will take bets on what time our food will be out.  If we’re walking somewhere, we will each take a different route to see who gets there first. We will scout out a Cracker Barrel just so we can play the peg IQ game they leave on the tables. We just can’t help ourselves.

But…… we are not cutthroat.  We don’t cheat.  We don’t throw tantrums if we lose.  We try not to go back to the rule book/instruction guide if we have a disagreement.  (That part doesn’t always work so well- playing mini golf daughter actually told me I brought my ball out too far when it was flush against the edge….and she made me redo the shot.  There was honor at stake……)

Then there’s resilience.  What better way to learn about resilience than to keep playing games.  Husband is a great Words with Friends player.  I am not.  (FYI- this kills me- he is an accountant with a vocabulary of about 12 words.  I pride myself on being a wordsmith, with at least 20 words in my arsenal.)  I could beat him on a vocab quiz any day of the week- but I rarely beat him at word games.  My guess is, he wins 3/4 of our games. ( Ok- who are we kidding.  He beats me 73% of the time.  Did you really think I didn’t know the exact statistic?)  Yet, I continue to play him.  And I will continue to play him.  I can be down by about 150 points, and I will not resign a game.  Because sometimes I do win, and  I’m only going to get better if I keep playing.  There’s no secret formula- it’s just play and learn.  That’s all.  Play and learn.

I realize that some people don’t like to keep score.  I realize that there are situations where everyone gets a trophy.  But I don’t know how good this is.  I don’t think it’s realistic.  Like it or not- there are times when you win, and times when you lose.  You have to learn to do both, with grace and with honor.  Maybe you don’t have to be like my family (I actually highly advise not being like my family, cause, well- you read my blog- isn’t that enough of a reason not to be like my family?) but competition can be good.  And sometimes, it can even make a family closer……



18 thoughts on “In it to Win it

  1. We homeschooled our daughter (I don’t know why I say, “we”…it was me…me, I tell you!) and as soon as she could count to 15, we had her playing Cribbage and Smear and Kings In The Corner and any other card game we played. And we never let her win. I mean, we did not intentionally lose to her. I once made the mistake of buying CandyLand…Lord, have Mercy….I finally took out the “Candy” cards so the game had a chance in hell of ending. I am the Queen of making up games. And my family complains all the time….”let’s just play Farkle the normal way”… NO, let’s shake things up and use our brains in a different way and let’s play for MONEY. I LOVE playing for money….even if I lose. I had to bring my 85 yr. old mom to the ER one Friday night during a full-moon at 11pm (can you say, CRAZY TOWN?) and I brought along a deck of cards and we sat there for HOURS playing cards FOR MONEY while waiting for her to be seen. What the heck else are you going to do since any visit any time to the ER is a minimum of four hours and I am old enough and wise enough to know that on a Friday late night during a full moon, if she wasn’t stabbed and shot and had her arm hanging off by a tendon and having a heart attack, we were not going to go to the top of the triage list.
    Believe it or not, I am not competitive. I do not care if I win (except if playing with my hubs…why is that? Tho I hate to lose at WWF by just a few points….would much rather lose by a hundred) but I get crazy when people do not play the games right (unless, I have mutated them…then just shut the hell up and play the game). Especially at showers….when you have word games and people are helping each other out. Nay, Nay. Do. Not. Ask. Me. If you don’t know what is the bride’s favorite color…well, that is just too bad for you. And NO, green is not acceptable if teal is her answer even though it is made of green and blue.
    You want to know someone’s true character, play Spoons. I have seen some of the nicest, meekest, kindest people on this planet turn into crazy people trying to rip a spoon out of someone else’s hand or leap across the table knocking over old ladies and small children in effort to get a spoon. It is not pretty.

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  2. When I was younger I was more competitive, but now I just don’t give a fig about who wins. I don’t know when I shifted gears, but have to say that I’m happier now being all wordsmith-y than I was when I was more accountant-y. And now I’m off to figure out my family’s 11 letter word.

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