Welcome to another episode of “How Pretentious Can One Woman Be”.  In yesterdays episode, we saw our heroine take on Big Tech.  Today, we discover a hidden side of our heroine- we call it the Princess Side.

Episode One

While on vacation, our heroine had the ability to go on two nature oriented boat rides.  The first one was whale watching off the coast of Massachusetts.  The heroine had a banner day- their group saw 6 different whales, and was treated to almost an hour of whale activity.  The whales practically swam along side of the boat.  People were in awe- many of the passengers had been on whale watch expeditions before and had come home disappointed.  Even the weathered crew was astonished at how many whales were seen.

The next water journey took place in Maine.  On this nature trip, the heroine saw seals, porpoises and a bald eagle, as well as many other sea birds.  The guide said he hadn’t seen that much wildlife in the four previous trips COMBINED.  It was a rare treat that people aboard the Sea Princess experienced that day.

But as Maine and Massachusetts were just a blur in the rear view mirror- the Heroine sighed.  She exclaimed- “I know we got to see all sorts of wildlife this trip.  But we never got to see a moose.  That would have made the trip great.  If we had just seen a moose.”

Episode Two

Our heroine wanted to see a movie.  She found the perfect time at a conveniently located theater. This theater had been recently renovated and boasted stadium seating, and big reclining seats. When she went to purchase tickets online, she noticed that the description of the theater did not specify “reclining seats”.  This sent the heroine into a tizzy.  She started frantically looking at what theater number it was – and was searching her memory to figure out if theater 4 did indeed have reclining seats.  She wanted reclining seats.  She needed reclining seats.  And her prayers were answered- theater 4 did indeed have reclining seats.  Whew.  Dodged a bullet there.

The good news:  After each episode, our Heroine realized how she was acting.  She knew how pretentious she sounded.  She was able to laugh at herself, and was actually heard to say- “Wow.  Am I really that precious?  What’s become of me that great things are not good enough?”

The bad news: Well, even though it was only for a second- she actually had these thoughts.

The verdict: Heroine needs a reality check.  Especially as she is having computer problems and her first thought is- Oh no!  I might not be able to pull up a good picture for the blog.  Could anything worse happen?

33 thoughts on “Is That Really The Worst Thing?

  1. Despite the fact that she is facing mostly “first world” problems, I find our heroine charming. I think, though, that considering her good fortune in seeing wildlife, she should have set her sights on encountering a Sasquatch.

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  2. Cute post. Honestly, I’ve had similar thoughts myself. The world may stop turning! πŸ™‚

    Oh my, I want to visit Maine so bad. You are so lucky! How amazing that you were able to see more wildlife than usual as well. πŸ˜‰ Lovely

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  3. Sometimes, we just have to let ourselves sound pretentious so we can realize how badly we DON’T want to be pretentious. I have to get a bit pretentious every Friday when the boss & I do our weekly watermelons tasting; we critique color, taste, texture, sweetness, outside appearances, sometimes even the seeds in the watermelons. We’re a couple of pretentious assholes on Fridays LOL

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  4. I think it comes with age….at 62 I have earned a few “pretentious” moments. And when I am feeling delusional, I imagine what it would be like to be Khardashian rich and could I get a live in maid/cook and a masseuse, an indoor pool and young, handsome pool boy and a gardener. You see, I don’t want much.

    I will probably never see a whale unless they come to Lake Superior to escape global warming but I have had a van-to-moose encounter (I backed up and gave wide berth…you do not want to get into a butting match with a bull moose…no matter what you are driving) and see eagles quite frequently along with bears and I even saw a mountain lion in my back yard (tho the DNR refuses to admit they are in our vicinity no matter how many people see them) and the deer are a plenty here in northern MN.

    I have two things on my bucket list: to visit Maine and stay in a cottage on the beach by a little village and to paint a nude portrait of myself (don’t ask me why since I have the body of a sea lion and can’t really paint….who says bucket lists have to be practical).

    Love your blog……


  5. So it appears that present heroine does not grow out of this princess-itis as she becomes future heroine. Rats! Well someone has to rule the town. Might as well commit to getting everything she wants! (But I still think that she’s grateful for all there rest, too. She’s just acting a little human-y.). πŸ˜‰

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