Sorry- this is a rant and another vacation themed blog.  I can’t believe the mileage I’m getting out of my family trip.

See the bags in the picture- this is one of those blogs where the picture is integral to the story, not just a pic that I took that I thought was pretty.

The bag on the left is what my daughter used while we were sightseeing.  Cute, right?  The bag on the right  is what I used.  Utilitarian, no?  The bag in the middle is what my husband used.  ?  What word can you use to describe the bag between the other two?

As I was discussing with amazing Ann yesterday, we like to be prepared in the event of say, anything happens.  I like to be ready- which means I carry a very large bag when we go on vacations.  ( I believe this is the fault of diaper bags- when you have a young child you routinely walk around with so much stuff you forget there is any other way to travel)

Personally, I take the following with me:

  1. wallet- can’t forget cash and credit
  2. key- hotel room key very important
  3. camera- I take a lot of pictures
  4. phone- I mean really- this is my datebook, alarm and means to the outside world- I don’t go anywhere without my phone.
  5. sunglasses- they add an air of mystery to any outfit
  6. rain poncho (I find the poncho is easier on vacation)

Now- these six things do not take up much room.  Frankly- I could use a smaller bag.  And I realize that I like to be prepared, and I might need the following things for my own use…..but…… I will in get the following questions:

Do you have any sunscreen?

Do you have any insect repellent?

Do you have any water?

Do you have any gum/mints?

Do you have a tissue?

Do you have lip stuff with SPF?

Do you have the map the hotel clerk gave us?

Do you have the brochure I picked up at that kiosk?

Do you have the review of lobster rolls that I ripped out of that magazine?

Do you have an advil?

Do you have any quarters for the meter?

Did you bring the phone charger?

I also get the following requests:

Can you hold my camera?

Can you hold this 500 page guidebook I found which has all the thing they list on the trip advisor sight?

Can you hold this 5 pound piece of fudge that I had to have?

Do you have room for my sunglasses?

We don’t need a bag for the 600 Boston Tea Party tea bags we’re buying, my wife can put them in her purse- you know- my wife is Mary Poppins in her spare time…….her bag can hold everything……

Hold open your bag so I can wash my hands, because you forget the hand sanitizer, but remembered the kitchen sink…….

I think you get the idea……you see how I began to go off the rails?

I know this is all my own fault.  I’ve spent 15 years being super mom/wife.  But frankly, I’m ready to take off the cape.  The only thing I’ve received for my super hero status are shoulders that are never not tense.  Silly me didn’t book a massage when I made the hotel reservations, so all the other Mom superheroes had already taken all the available spots.  Next vacation is being booked around spa treatment appointments.

Drop the cape.

39 thoughts on “Let’s Bag It

  1. I feel you! I always end up being the vacation pack rat… even when I am using my trusty small travel purse (it is one of the ones that is designed for travel- completely unfashionable but easy to wear, has multiple organizing pockets.. etc..) my husband and oldest daughter seem to the think they have a free pass when it comes to putting things in it!

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      1. Happens to me ALL the time! He actually has been known to huff and puff if I bring a clutch or something that can’t hold his wallet and keys (like at a wedding or more recently my daughters graduation) My teen is actually worse then him.. When we were at the Magic Kingdom last week I could be walking and suddenly someone was grabbing and pulling at my purse.. and it was her after something (Her phone, lip gloss, tic tacs…) drove me nuts AND she was wearing her own backpack! Her OWN backpack and yet she loaded my purse down so hers wasn’t ‘heavy’.

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  2. OMG, I can relate and I’m not even a mom! When I was a stagehand with a very busy career and also a full-time college student, I carried 2 and sometimes 3 (yes, three) bags with me almost everywhere I went. My “gear bag” which held my tools; a set of show blacks (all-black outfit I had to wear when working during the actual concert); basic toiletries (deodorant, toothbrush, etc); healthy granola bar type snacks; proteins shakes in convenience packaging; candy bars; and sometimes even spare shoes/boots.

    Then there was my bookbag, with all of the books one would expect; laptop; office supplies; and snacks.

    Then there was my handbag. Once, in economics class, a friend asked me for a pen. What followed eventually captivated the entire class and took up the entire tabletop. My wallet, cellphone, makeup bag, two 20 oz. Diet Dr Pepper, a sandwich in a Tupperware, a single serving package of froot loops, two snack bars, a flashlight, my cigarettes, three lighters, a pocket knife, a couple of pounds of loose change, several chapstick, some loose tobacco from cigarettes (along with a broken one), medications, some receipts, my Spanish class homework, some dirt (including crumbs), and finally–a pouch full of pens.

    I don’t think I could ever have been a mom. I’ve lived one of those weird lives that actually could require a Snickers bar, an NSAID pill, and an adjustable wrench, all at the exact same time. I can’t even begin to imagine having to keep up with bottles, toys, and diapers (or guidebooks, fudge, and sunscreen) too!

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  3. Sorry, I’m still giggling at your misfortunes. I tried to leave the cape (and big purse) at home when traveling to Disney World once for all the reasons you described here. Ultimately, I came home with a VERY large Mickey Mouse themed bag and frog umbrella because this Mary Poppins failed. 🙂

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  4. I am always trying to go to a smaller bag only to find that shortly afterwards things have crept in that I don’t remember putting there. My husband carries his wallet with the same credit/debit cards I have but insists on me pulling them out to pay, so now I have to fish around in my bag while he sighs and makes chit chat with the salesperson/waiter. I am going to be trying again to scale down, will let you know how long it lasts. Hope you enjoyed Boston.

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  5. Your post reminds me of the commercial on tv..maybe you have seen it….there is this cool looking blonde and her husband has this fabulous car. As they pull into the parking lot and disembark, the camera pans out and as they get to the exit, she quips, “Do you have the tickets?” “Did you lock the car?” “Do you have the keys?” I hate to admit it but I am the perpetual worrier as we leave our house on vacation or even as I leave for jobs. Part of this may have to do with being an instructor and worrying that I will look like a fool in front of my Adult classroom learners when I forget the “test” or the returned homework of the day. As I get older, I try learning the art of improvisation and can I really get by with telling that joke on myself? Yes, it will happen!

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  6. I think you just solved the mystery of why I like to be prepared so much! It is because I am married to a man who expects me to have all the stuff we need, and because I raised two children who had the same expectations. Old habits die hard!

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