As I’ve been away, I’m going to give you a brief glimpse of my vacation:

Falmouth/Plymouth/Cape Cop- Massachusetts

I almost felt like I was stepping back in time when I went to the Western Cape.  We stayed in motor lodges that were owned by locals.  It was nice to walk into reception and be greeted by homemade strawberry muffins and pleasant conversation.  People here care about their community.

Highlight: Whale watching.  We used Captain John out of Plymouth (who were exceptional) but all companies seemed pretty good.  The day we went out the naturalist (a guide experienced in what you could see) was able to recognize 6 different whales, including a calf.  We had an exceptional day for whale watching.

Can’t miss:  Local strawberries.  They were best strawberries I’ve ever tasted.  Try anything that includes strawberries- ice cream, muffins, salad, shortcake….

Low point: Beach shelter……


For Met/Giant fans, we really loved Boston.  This is really a great city.

Suggestion: Stay in downtown Boston.  It’s more expensive, but worth it for the convenience and ambiance.  Also, we found a self-park lot that made parking very affordable.

Highlight: My family loves history.  We liked walking the Freedom Trail- we appreciated the way Boston incorporates history into the city.

Can’t Miss: Pastries in the North End- there are a few bakeries in the North End that serve delicious cream puffs, cannoli, etc.  Worth the very long lines.

Low point: We didn’t have time to see Museum of Fine Arts- I misjudged timing.  Also, we climbed to the top of bunker hill monument- my legs were not happy….

Bar Harbor/Acadia- Maine

LOVE THIS PLACE!  I had never been to Maine before, and I am so glad I finally got here.  The location is spectacular- ocean, mountains, vista……everything!  Worth a visit!

Highlight: Bluenose Inn.  I have never stayed in a place that I loved as much as this.  It’s not on the ocean, but across the street- we still had a great view.  5 minute drive to downtown Bar Harbor and Acadia- so location is perfect.  Rooms are beautiful– we were in main building and our room had a fire place with a settee before it.  I could have sat there for hours…..In the evening they have a wonderful pianist in the Great Room.  After dinner we would sit there and play board games, drink tea and eat whatever snack we had picked up in town.  Perfection.

Can’t miss:  Acadia.  It’s just gorgeous, whether you want a strenuous hike, a meander, or a drive- it’s all worth it.  We did the boat tour with a park ranger (Sea Princess out of Northeast Harbor)- Amazing- we saw porpoises, seals, a bald eagle and other amazing birds- we also got lucky with the amount of sightings we had.

Low point:  Leaving.

Amherst Massachusetts

High point: Emily Dickinson Museum.  They have her shawl, writing desk and bed.  Docents are very knowledgeable.

Low Point: It was very foggy when we were driving there.  Not fun.

We also visited some colleges, but I’ll explore those in a different post!


I read “The Circle” by Dave Eggers.  I am imploring you- if anyone has read this book, please contact me.  Or if anyone reads this book, contact me after.  Need to discuss it!  That’s a recommend from me- most thought provoking book I’ve read in years.


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