and all through the house, not a creature was stirring because I sent the husband and daughter to my parents in New Jersey…..

I know that’s not how the song goes- but it’s the tune I wanted to sing.  Planning for vacation is a little bit of a travail.

Here’s my pre-vacation to do list:

  1. Scrub litter box
  2. make sure there are adequate amounts of pet food
  3. laundry
  4. bring suitcases up from storage locker
  5. clean out fridge
  6. gather beach essentials
  7. print out all confirmations/tickets- I realize I have all this info on my phone, but I like to have my ducks in a labeled manila folder
  8. straighten and clean house so I do not get a lecture from my Mom (who is pet sitting) about the wobbly state of my apartment
  9. go over my packing list and check it twice
  10. pack my things
  11. write and schedule blog posts (which probably won’t work because I am just a tad nutty about my writing, and even if I manage to write in advance, I will rethink every single word I wrote and on the morning something is scheduled to publish I will probably be frantically retooling)

Now I know what you’re thinking:  shouldn’t my family be around to help?


Absolutely not.

My family is not a help.  I love them- but at that stage they are a hindrance.  Early Sunday evening is enough time for them to get their things ready.  I’m assuming they completed their assignment of creating a packing list.  I’m also assuming my husband will forget underwear, so I will make sure I pack that for him.


I’m going to spend two weeks with them.

In one hotel room.

Mama needs two days to herself.

And remember that list?  All of that was fit in between 2 and 4pm Sunday.  The following is what I did the rest of the weekend.

  1. gym- spinning and body conditioning.
  2. trading bon mots with amazing members of blogging community, including  indulging in Jude Law fantasy (thanks Jay)
  3. Watching Christmas movies on Hallmark Mystery Channel- KIDDING!! but was upset when I switched to that channel and did not see a Monk or Columbo marathon
  4. binge watched British Baking Show, which is new in America but actually aired last year in Britain, so please no spoilers
  5. finished book I was reading, much to the delight of Goodreads
  6. laid on couch, dog at my feet, cat on my head, and just stared at the ceiling


By sending family to my parents- I get credit for my parents getting to spend time with granddaughter, and I didn’t have to endure a conversation with my Mother as to why I wear a sportsbra when I play tennis, and why I don’t care that sportsbra doesn’t give me a good shape and flattens the girls(fyi- nothing can flatten my girls), and how it’s not a good idea to wear a regular bra when playing sports, and no, I don’t care about how I look in a sportsbra.

So on that note….

Happy July to all, and to all a good week

*****this blog has been pre-recorded******

19 thoughts on “‘Twas the Weekend Before Vacation….

  1. My girls are never totally flattened in a sports bra either, but I don’t particularly care what I look like — I run for me (and charity), not for a beauty contest.

    Love your post, pre-recorded or not. Have a fab vacay!

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  2. Spilled my coffee… the girls… oh… I can’t imagine those problems. Horseback riding does that to the boys and I won’t ever ride again. Can’t imagine what you have to deal with.

    Total accomplishment both in your post and what you checked off your list. Muy excelente.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Before I started my blog i had a months worth of posts ready to go. I think i used 3 of them. I write from my gut. It could be a sentence on a reader board or a word that catches my attention and i have to write about it. Glad you had sometime by yourself.

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    1. I’m like that too. I a
      Ways have a plan about what I’m going to write about, no then I see a billboard and I’m off….luckily….had lots of things to think about past weekend. The only tricky part of writing in advance is the verb tense….like I wrote today’s post on Sunday…..but knew it wasn’t going to post till Wednesday….

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  4. OMG I totally understand. sometimes I just have to make sunshine take our sweet little dog and disappear out of my way so I can get some things accomplished. Poor sunshine, he’ll ask what he can do to help; sometimes there is something but often I really just need him to entertain our furbaby in another location and stay out of my way. So yeah, I get why you sent the fam away LOL

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  5. Enjoy your vacation, it always amazed me how the family was all ready to leave for vacation by only packing themselves! I guess they just thought elves did the rest. Sports bras are not a fashion statement but a necessary evil, we all get a uni-boob!

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  6. I thought my husband was the only one who forgot to pack underwear! (Of course, I can’t say too much, because I’m the one who once went on a beach vacation and forgot to pack a swimming suit.)

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