Dear Blogs I Follow,

I will be on vacation for the better part of two weeks (or worse, depending on my family).

I love reading and/or looking at your photos.  I look forward to this every day.  Sometimes I read your posts when I clearly should be doing other things.  Goodreads sent me a warning email that I am falling behind in my reading challenge- yes- I was scolded by Goodreads. My ever growing to do list is not happy that you all are so amazing at everything you do!  Neither are my cat and dog who are constantly nudging my hands as I try to read on my iPad. (sometimes my cat will keep touching the like button, and it looks as if I can’t make up my mind as to whether or not I like a post.  My cat is also responsible for following the S&M bloggers- really- the cat)

Though I am supposed to have Wi-Fi at all the locations I am going (because really- doesn’t every one decide on hotels based on free wifi?) one never knows if the wifi gods are going to be in your favor.  While my goal is to read your blogs on a consistent basis, I can’t guarantee the timeliness in which I will read them.

Also, My pesky wonderful family may actually want to yell at me spend time with me.  They really are a hindrance wonderful group to spend time with.


I will read and comment on all your blogs (though it might take me till real Christmas) Keep writing.  Your posts inspire me every day- to be a better person (but I am still middling at best, so step up your game), to be thankful for what I have and not worry about what I don’t, and to remember that we are all alike yet unique at the same time.

48 thoughts on “A Note to the Blogs I Follow

  1. I love how you are being scolded. I must thank Goodreads for ensuring they let you know how they feel about abandoning them. It’s how we all feel. BUT!!! We want you to have these 2 weeks to refresh. So please ignore us. Take the break. You need it. You deserve it. We will be here when you return. Have an amazing time.

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  2. Have a GREAT vacation! Take a break from Blogging. Enjoy the down time, we will still be here when you get back! For me, going to Europe is great, because my phone doesn’t work well and because I don’t want to rack up data charges I only check my phone twice a day for text messages. That is very liberating for the mind. HAVE FUN! 🙂

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