I play this silly app, Design Home (where I get to live out my fantasy of being Joanna Gaines for 20 minutes a day) and when I was voting the other day, I noticed an interesting screen name: “I’m too old to play this game”.  Now, I’m not too old to play the game, but I thought about other things I am too old to do.

  1. Wear stilettos.  Yes, I know I look hot in them, but really, standing in heels is not something I want to do
  2. Maintain my hair in it’s natural brunette state.  Vanity has precluded me from going grey, so I have turned to the shade that has more fun.  If you knew me, you would know that blonde is the last thing I ever thought I would be.  And I’ve always been fun…
  3. Be petty.  Of course, just because I’m too old for it doesn’t mean I’m never petty.
  4. Be mad at my parents for parenting mistakes, or things they did.  It’s done.  My life is my responsibility.
  5. Care what others think of me.  Frankly, you are too old for this on the day you are born.
  6. Eat after 9pm.  Seriously, there’s logic behind the early bird special.
  7. Leave the house without a list of everything I’m supposed to do, buy or see.  And list should be in chronological order.
  8. Finish a book that I hate.  I used to have this thing about finishing every book I started- it only succeeded in making me miserable.
  9. Argue with my husband about stupid things.  It’s never worth it.
  10. Accept an invitation to something because I’m “supposed to”.  Unless I can think of a valid reason as to why I am “supposed to”.
  11. Shop at Forever 21.  I realize the name implies that I’ll always be 21, but I can’t fathom shopping at the same place my daughter does.
  12. Sit in the direct sun at the beach.  Or sit on a blanket on the sand.  I like an umbrella and a chair.  Call me a Princess.
  13. Hold on to anger.  It doesn’t mean I can’t get angry (you may have read a rant or three of mine) but it does mean I have to let it go.
  14. Hold on to sadness. Same rules apply.
  15. Pretend I am younger than I am- why bother?  What’s wrong with the age you are?
  16. Obsess about my looks.  When I say obsess, I mean constantly wondering why I don’t look the same as I did 20 years ago.  The goal is to be healthy and take care of myself.
  17. Snapchat.  Seriously- anyone over the age of 30 that says they know what snapchat is, is lying.
  18. Ski.  I know I’m not too old for this, but I just don’t like skiing.
  19. Engage is discussions about politics or religion.  No good can come from this.  Everyone is entitles to their own opinion.
  20. Play tennis with my daughter and win.  Two years ago, I was able to beat her.  Winning is now a distant memory.  She is faster, stronger, and I hate to admit this, smarter than me.

Don’t worry- there will soon be a list of things I am NOT too old for!

22 thoughts on “I’m too Old for That

      1. I’ve got really wide feet. Doubt I’d find a pair that could fit. I’ve only worn them once, when I was in 8th grade and we all cross-dressed for Halloween. I was a rather provocative angel… and whenever I share the picture, all anyone says to me is “you look just like your mother!” Not that she ever dressed that way, but the wig and the makeup must have caused a much deeper resemblance to appear… and since that day, I’ve decided wearing heals and women’s clothing isn’t for me. I’m good with anyone else who wants to do it, but I already mirror my mom in enough other ways… I’ll sit this one out.

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      2. I’m not authority — I can’t even spell the word correctly — but sometimes they look good, right? I think that’s the purpose. A fashion thing. So maybe everyone should just start wearing them… then we don’t have to worry about it. Good, agreed. Please wear them all day tomorrow. Thanks.

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  1. Had a good laugh about Forever 21. I was always too fat to shop there. Now they have plus-size clothes, so I went on their website to check out their clothes. And I just shook my head and said, “Nooo. I’m just too old for this.” LOL

    (Mind you, I believe women should wear what makes them feel beautiful, but I definitely would feel ridiculous in their clothes.)

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  2. I don’t get Snapchat. The first pic with dog ears a tongue – haha so funny! The second – yeah that’s cute. After that – yeah I’ve gotta go wax (anything at all). 😉

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