Another Sunday- another week in review.  Think of the following as recommendations, not really reviews.  Ratings are done 0-5.  I am receiving no compensation for or from anything I write about.  This is all purely pleasure (in most cases anyway)  All places are in NYC unless otherwise noted.


“Baby Driver” I did not like this movie(though I realize I am the only person in the world that didn’t.)  It started off fine and then went off the rails- he’s no Tarantino. Great soundtrack though. 3.8

“Hero” This is a pretty decent movie.  Moves slowly, which I realize is a directorial choice, but still….4.1


“Broadchurch” David Tennant.  In the movie of my life starring Diane Lane, David Tennant will be my husband.  I think he elevates anything he appears in.  Though I enjoyed Season 1 of this series much more, I’m going to keep watching. 3.8

I have officially given up on the Prime Suspect reboot.


“The Portrait” Antoine Laurain  I did not like this book.  Let me rephrase.  I did not understand this book.  If anyone read this, and got it, please help me. 2.8


Art: I know nothing about art- I just like to look at pretty and interesting things.  They inspire me, but don’t expect learned criticism, unless you call “ooh its so pretty” learned criticism.

“Mutations” The High Line- to me the High Line is the greatest example of upcycling anywhere, by converting an abandoned rail track into a glorious urban green space.  They often have outdoor art exhibits, such as this years Mutations.  Mutations itself has both good and bad works, but really, you’re walking outside in a beautiful park.  Venue:4.9 exhibit: 4

Morgan Library and Museum 4.5 I love this place- as they are part library, they tend to do many exhibits revolving around writers.  Perfection- “Henry James and American Painting” 4 interesting look at James and his life- try to get tour- docent Elizabeth is wonderful! “This Ever New Self Thoreau and His Journal” 4.5 (First edition Walden, his journals, recommendation letter from Ralph Waldo Emerson) “Noah’s Beasts” 4.2 (works that are from Mesopotamia- amazing) “Poussin, Claude, and French Drawing in the Classical Age” some of these works are just gorgeous.


Federal Hall 4.  The spot (not the building) where Washington took the oath of office.  Interesting and free.  Self guided tour is actually pretty good.


I tried a lot of food this week- here is the quick rundown of highlights:

Salvation Taco 4.5

Hometown Barbecue 4.5- bonus- take Ikea ferry to get there

Steve’s Key Lime Pie 4.9 I got it at Brooklyn Crab, but if you see it, get it

Shake Shack 4.5

I think anything at any of these places would be great!




19 thoughts on “Sunday Wrap up

      1. My favorite part — out of SO MANY on the Highline — is probably seeing the murals and gardens of the buildings on either side (I feel like I’m peeking over the fence). But it’s the feeling of being on this repurposed subway line and the tranquility that I think I love the most. Wish I were closer to enjoy it more often.

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  1. My sister and I sample Key Lime Pie at every restaurant we visit on vacation – then we do a list of best to worst. It’s definitely NOT on my Keto diet, but it HAS to be done!

    great post

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  2. I can’t blame you for the response of “ooh, pretty!” when it comes to art. I’m terrible at art criticism, too, and I have an art degree! Modern and post-modern art are especially difficult to critique. I’m jealous of the fact that you live in New York and have so much art around you!

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  3. Love visiting New York solo or with a good friend. I still remember drinking coffee at Zabar’s in my 20’s decades ago wondering if I could afford anything else. I have been curious to see the overhead parks and bridges that have been revamped. Mitch Silver, the Park Commissioner,family had a summer home in the Catskills and we knew them. Our parents were good friends. I am proud he is the new Park Commissioner. Next summer, I am hoping my husband and I will be able to visit New York City.

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      1. The transit system is of concern or at least the stories I am reading. I have family in Long Island also I would love to visit next summer but I don’t look forward to driving on the expressway.

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