DAUGHTER:  How am I going to survive junior year?

MOM:  Wake up.  Eat breakfast.  Do your best.

DAUGHTER:  My grades…..

MOM:  Do your homework.  Study a little every day.  You’ll be fine.

DAUGHTER: FINE?  Fine won’t get me into Yale……

MOM: Freaking out won’t either.  There’s no spot on the application that asks how much you freaked out.

DAUGHTER: Tennis and the clubs……community service…..

MOM:  Do what you can.  Say no to what you can’t.


MOM:  Yes you can.  You tell me no all the time.  It’s apparently easy for you.


MOM:  You will survive because you are a survivor.  You can do anything you set your mind to.  You amaze me.  It will all be fine.

via Daily Prompt: Survive

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